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April 1st 2016

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 The focus of this week's newsletter is the pristine jungle that surrounds San Pancho.  We came to San Pancho to find a warm sunny place near the beach, but the beauty of the nearby hills filled with gigantic trees that were covered with flowering vines and tall palm trees shooting up above it all like a fireworks display, sealed the deal for us.   This jungle is so precious and beautiful - it feeds us body and soul.

We would love to continue a conversation about our incredible jungle, so we are calling all writers and photographers to contribute stories and images and thoughts to: sanpancholife7@gmail.com.

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Great prizes! 

Just stand up and make a noise and you could win a professional massage! 
Tell a joke and win breakfast for 2!
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Come and be whomever you wanna be!

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The Orchids are Starting to Bloom!

Enjoy a fantastic 2-hour experience, surrounded by unspoiled nature, to reach a place of wonder and magic created by lovers of plants and art. 
Lo de Perla Jungle Garden is one of the treasures of our area. It is a "must do" when you visit San Pancho, especially this time of year when the orchids are starting to bloom.

Lo de Perla Jungle Garden is a 13-hectare property in the small town of Las Lomas (just north of San Pancho) that is being preserved and protected to showcase over 60+ orchid species, fruit trees, cactus, bromeliads and other plants native to the state of Nayarit.

Our fantastic 2½-hour guided tour will take you along a series of comfortable winding walking paths, stepping stones and wooden bridges that feature a large variety of orchids of the region and hundreds of different plants, including cactus placed in pyramids and an exquisite collection of bromeliads. Many of the flowers, plants, trees and vines are marked, and our guides are knowledgeable about their history and common uses.

There are several sitting areas along the hike, including one honoring El Gallo, a well-known San Pancho musician and one of their original benefactors. You can relax with a refreshing drink surrounded by jungle views and sounds of multiple birds, mammals, butterflies and insects of bright colors that inhabit the property.

At the end, visitors can visit El Santuario, a nursery with a collection of more than 500 orchids.

Come and experience our Jungle Paradise!

What to Wear & Bring

Comfortable walking shoes

Long pants and long-sleeved shirt

Cap or hat

Insect repellent


Hours & Details

Cost: $300 pesos per person for the tour, which includes a bottle of water and transportation from the entrance of Las Lomas. Tacos, coffee, and a glass of mezcal can be added to your tour for an additional fee. Transportation from neighboring towns can also be arranged.

Reservations: Tours are offered all year, by appointment only. 

Birding San Pancho - Community Birdwatching
Community Birdwatching with 

Come and join us for a community birding tour this Sunday, its open to everyone in San Pancho who loves birds.

The fee is a voluntary donation and we are asking for people to please RSVP at: birdingsanpancho@gmail.com so that we now how many are coming :)

   Tierra Santa - Featured Video by Quentin CRETAZ

Tierra Santa
Tierra Santa

Sadly, Quentin left San Pancho recently for other adventures, but he left us with this astonishingly beautiful look at the jungle that embraces our beautiful village.

Thanks Quentin!  It was great to meet you and we hope you return to San Pancho sometime soon!!
Mexicolate -  Featured Business

Eat your chocolate, it's good for you!

*This SUPERFOOD offers amazing health benefits for your entire body! The Mexican pre-Hispanic ethnic groups considered it the drink of gods. "Theobroma cacao", from Greek words Theo (God) and broma (drink). 

The high quality of chocolate and cacao is a fantastic healthy option for your body, such as, high in antioxidants, improves your metabolism, it boost your energy naturally and your brain levels of serotonin and most important cacao contains the mood improver, anandamide, so consuming cacao makes us HAPPY!


Av. Tercer Mundo #7

San Francisco Nayarit

E-mail: mexicolate.cacao@gmail.com

Featured Real Estate - Las Fincas Neighborhood

Las Fincas Neighborhood

Looking for an affordable building lot in a great neighborhood with easy access to town and beach?...Look no further, this is your place!

Las Fincas (San Francisco/San Pancho, Nayarit, Mexico)

Las Fincas is a small subdivision located at the entrance of San Pancho. There are currently two beautiful lots available ready to build on with all the utilities on the spot. These lots feature enough space for your house, garden, pool, studio, meditation room, you name it... Las Fincas is an excellent development in a very nice neighborhood - titled, ready for bank trust.

Purchasing your property at a reasonable price is the first step to having an affordable second home. Wise construction choices can add to that advantage by avoiding expenditures that may not improve your lifestyle, or add to the enjoyment of your new life. Consult our Design Workshop to help you imagine a vacation home you can afford, without sacrificing any of the pleasures of life in the tropics. The developer also can recommend one of the most respected, and completely bilingual, builders in town. He offers to construct a modest villa for around $70,000.


Las Fincas is a friendly little neighborhood where everyone knows each other. Residents say it's quiet, away from San Pancho's main street traffic. With only a short walk to town and beach, it has easy access to everything that makes living in San Pancho so wonderful. The neighborhood is near Hacienda San Pancho, but it's higher -- so the view appears to be green all around. All utilities are underground so there is nothing to obstruct your beautiful jungle views.

Contact Information
Owners:Jonathan Kingson
USA/Canada Telephone:011 52 311 258-4159
Mexico Telephone:045 322 135-6869
Phone Number:311 258-4159
Address:Visit the Las Fincas website
Email: jkingson@newmexico.com

ea-xpress Yourself

Ever want to give someone a special birthday wish, a unique anniversary gift or welcome family to San Pancho as a surprise.   How about a hand painted banner displayed across Tercer Mundo as they enter San Pancho!

The program is called ea-xpress yourself.  For a donation of 1,000 pesos to ea your special gift banner will be painted and on display in front of entreamigos for three days.   Picture below:

Green Angels - Good to Know

It's nice to know you are carrying a Green Angel in your pocket when driving in Mexico...Angeles Verdes helped 52 thousand tourists with mechanical assistance and tourist information.

Dial 078 to request support from the Green Angels throughout Mexico.  
Autopista - Jala to Puerto Vallarta
Project's complexity slows new freeway
But authorities say link between Guadalajara and Vallarta 

Construction of the new freeway between Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta continues at a snail's pace, but the Communications and Transportation Secretariat (SCT) insists it will be finished by 2018.

The first stage, between Jala and Compostela, was to be operational at the end of last year, according to the Jalisco Secretary of Tourism, but that target was not met.
The 156-kilometer project, initiated in December 2011, has been proceeding at a rate of just 5.16 kilometers a year, according to a report by Reforma. However, contracts have now been awarded for 78 kilometers, with two stretches of highway in Nayarit to be awarded this month.

SCT representative Bernardo Gutiérrez said progress has been slow due to the complexity of the project and funding cutbacks. Contributing to the complexity are environmental issues - the highway runs through a jaguar protection area - and the mountainous terrain, requiring the construction of tunnels.
Once completed, the new highway will reduce the travel time between Guadalajara and Bucerías, a town to the north of Puerto Vallarta, from about five hours to two and a half.

Source: Reforma (sp) Reprinted from Mexico News Daily | Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Mujeres Por Amor

This is a great event that you don't want to miss!  
Mujeres por Amor a San Pancho is working to make our town a better place to live and play.  

Chez Lolo and Liquid Sunshine...On The Beach!
Lolo's place is now ON THE BEACH...!
Our Chez Lolo restaurant may be gone, but up the beach is a new venue for Lolo's delicious Eggs Benedict.  We don't have a name yet, but Lolo's breakfasts are still the same.  And now we've brought "liquid sunshine" to the beach...with refreshing chilled Mimosas to compliment your choice of Eggs Benedict.
Remember - Lolo has 6 versions of Eggs Benedict to choose from.  See our attached invitation.
Where are we?
We are a 10 minute walk up the beach, north of the San Pancho malecon.  Look for our sign in the sand, and our bamboo archway near the water's edge.  If driving, we are in the Costa Azul neighborhood, left of the 2nd arch at the old Costa Azul hotel site.
Sundays - 9am to 2pm
With the sounds of light jazz and soothing chillout, what better way to start your Sunday morning?

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Photos of the Week

Photo credit - Drew Hunt

Thanks for reading.  Please let us know your opinions, suggestions, complaints or anything else you feel will help make San Pancho a better place in which to live and vacation.




Drew & Sheri Hunt,


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