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Mar. 24, 2015

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Circo de Los Niños

 Circo de los Niños 2016

Circo de Los Niños is one of the reasons we first fell madly in love with San Pancho. That first performance in March of 2011 was a very special event that captured the hearts of everyone in the village. We watched the children as they performed acts so astonishing that they were seemingly impossible. These beautiful young people learned, under the guidance of Gilles St. Croix and his team of hard-working and dedicated people, that they can fly, they can walk on air - they can take objects of daily life - maybe even trash - and transform them into something magical. We all stood in awe, little tears streaming down our faces as we watched the babies of San Pancho grow into the powerful, beautiful, young people we knew they could be. These daring youths - they didn't know that they were achieving the impossible, so they just did it. Those kids, those niños who worked their hearts out, they showed us their best, and we were astonished and amazed as they demonstrated their skills and talents. There are videos on the Circo de Los Niños site if you would like to take a look back at that sweet beginning that we continue to enjoy today.

This year the Circo de Los Niños seems to have grown up as far as the production value was concerned while retaining all of its original magic. The sets were gorgeous, the lighting was fantastic, and the costumes were brilliant, as expected. But still it was the kids showing off their incredible skills as they flew and bounced, balanced and juggled, they found a million ways to take our breath away. The kids were the stars, and they were the VIP's of the show - that was one of the most important things about this event - celebrating the Niños. They are the greatest gift we have, the greatest hope we share. San Pancho is filled with some incredible young people, and we take our hats off to you all!!! Thank you for allowing us the chance to see you triumph! We know you will go far because now you know that through your hard work, and through your imagination, nothing is impossible! 

Bravo Niños!!!!

 Dream Catchers
Circo de Los Ni?os : Dream Catchers campaing
Circo de Los Niños : Dream Catchers campaign

Heartfelt thanks to Gilles & Monique and all of the adults who worked together to support these incredible niños and in creating one of the most beautiful events ever witnessed in San Pancho.  I think we can all agree that supporting the Dream Catcher Campaign is a great way to show our appreciation!  
Jaguar Cup 

March 26th

Subsidiary Cup 3: pm

Grand Finale 5: pm

Tequila Tasting At Celo Rojo - Friday

Tequila Tasting at

Cielo Rojo

Are you looking for an educational stop on Friday afternoon/evening? You should duck into Cielo Rojo for a taste of their small-batch artisanal tequilas!

First, you will taste their añeo from Tequila Jalisco, the birthplace of tequila and the natural home of the blue agave plant. The añeo is aged between 5-7 years it is rich and slightly sweet. 

Next, you might try the Reposado aged one year - very smooth and delicious.

Lastly, you will try the mezcal from Oaxaca - it is an entirely different flavor. Mezcal is made from the maguey cactus.  Cielo Rojo's mezcal it is all natural and organic with a distinct smoky flavor - paired with an interesting kind of salt that has ground and smoked maguey in it - very cool. The process of making mezcal is more rustic and natural than tequila. The maguey cactus is harder to work with due to its smaller stature and spiny character. The maker of Cielo Rojo's mezcal makes only 1000 bottles per year.

Try them all and let us know what your preference is. We think it would be amazing to come up with some recipes using that salt! 


...Of course, once you're here you could always stay for a delicious dinner at Bistro Organico.
Casita Magica Presents Xiranda
This Saturday night, March 26, the wonderful band Xiranda returns to San Pancho and La Casita Mágica Gallery!

If you missed them the first time (and you might have, as it was a spontaneous concert) you'll want to see them this time.

This is a joyful group of young people from Guadalajara who play marvelous music:  fun and energetic and different from anything else.
Please join us.

As usual, there is no cover charge but we want to stuff the tip jar
as they are traveling down with all their instruments and gear to make this night happen, and there's a bunch of them!

Music starts at sunset. Chairs provided. BYOB or buy drinks and food from our good neighbors.

See you there and wear your dancin' shoes!

 Comedy Night

Great prizes! 

Just stand up and make a noise and you could win a professional massage! 
Tell a joke and win breakfast for 2!
Tell an amusing story and win dinner for 2! 
Come and be whomever you wanna be!

Bring your friends! 
Mujeres por Amor - Save the Date!
Descubriendo Talentos / Discovering Talents

The funds raised by this very important event support - among other things - the youths studying for a career in the culinary arts, and a daily sweeping of the main street of San Pancho (Tercer Mundo).  
All you have to do to support clean streets and the continued culture of fine dining in San Pancho is come and enjoy good food and wine... We call this one a win-win...or maybe a win-wine!
We love the Mujeres por Amor a San Pancho!

Mujeres Por Amor is an organization of the business women in San Pancho working to make the community of San Pancho a better place to live and vacation.  This group is working to keep San Pancho clean and organized. They are working to support the sustainable growth and development of San Pancho, with the intention of creating the best quality of life for both residents and visitors to San Pancho.
Did you know .......Butterflies Migrate From 
Los Angeles to San Pancho, Mexico?

We are so fortunate to live in a community where caring people gift us with their time, knowledge and talent so that others can benefit. 

Multi media artist, Ann Hadlock, and Katherine Metz painted a beautiful mural of butterflies at the San Francisco Primary School. I encourage you to drop by to see this wonderful mural for yourself. 

The environmental group, City of Butterflies, of which Ann is Director, took up residency through Entreamigos in San Pancho, Mexico this month, and left this legacy for the children on the walls of the village Primary School.  Entreamigos' host, Indira Santos, and Ann also went from classroom to classroom and delighted the children with stories about the butterfly's magic metamorphosis.
Ann and her partners have worked to develop awareness through art and education, working with schools, museums and environmental organizations to raise consciousness about the plight of butterflies.
Thank you to all for sharing your vision with the elementary students in San Pancho, helping them learn that they can protect the butterflies and become caretakers of the environment.  

For more information please go to. www.cityofbutterflies.com
Jeanette B
San Pancho Animales

. . . to all of you who made our fund raising efforts at the Music Festival a success.  Thanks to our wonderful friends, the bakers, who provided delicious goods to offer the Festival audience:
Sandy Tomlinson                                                    
Bob Yoseph
Brooke Ferreira
Kim Hasletine
Bob Weisend
Karen Fredrichs
Karen Jacobs
Karen Razza
Judith Anderson
Thanks to Marylou Razza for making our beautiful donation jar; Lew Tomlinson and Maurizio Fanelli for help with set-up and tear-down; Tulla Nixon for help manning the booth; and Craig Downs and Candice Fulton for donating an original painting to sell for the SPA cause.
We owe much gratitude to the entire Music Festival committee for letting us fundraise during their venue.  Their support helps to further our goal of making San Pancho a healthy and happy pueblo for animals and humans.
And last, but not least, thanks to all of you who donated by purchasing baked goods and/or giving us cash donations at the Festival.  We cannot do the work without all your help.

Here's to the San Pancho Life Guards!

Nine people have been rescued in the last few days by our life guards that are volunteers during holy week. If you would like to donate to pay for their work, which is very necessary for the security of our beach, you can give money directly to them, to Jillian Mitchell or to Darjeeling San PanchoYou can also bring food or water to them when they are at the beach working.


Featured  B&B
Casa Obelisco

Casa Obelisco in San Pancho is the romantic Bed and Breakfast, Boutique Hotel and exotic getaway you've been dreaming about; an exquisite oceanfront B & B in Mediterranean style overlooking a deserted white sand half moon beach with tropical palms and sparkling sea.  

Casa Obelisco has been rated the number one Hotel Bed and Breakfast for the Riviera Nayarit and Puerto Vallarta area.
  Casa Obelisco was also voted "Most Romantic B & B" by Lanier's  B & B Travel Guide. Also voted "One of the 10 Most Romantic B & B's World-wide" by Forbes Traveller.

New Road
- The long way home isn't quite so long anymore...

The highway has all the benefits of an expressway without a toll; its four lanes shorten travel time and increase the safety factor for drivers; it was completed just in time for the start of Easter season in the Riviera Nayarit.


Roberto Sandoval Castañeda, Governor of the State of Nayarit, officially opened the new highway between La Cruz de Huanacaxtle and Punta de Mita, just in time for the start of Easter week vacations in the Riviera Nayarit.

Citizens of Punta de Mita and Higuera Blanca, the hotels and businesses adjacent to the highway, as well as the developments at Punta Mita and Litibú and all the tourists that visit the Riviera Nayarit will benefit from this work, which not only reduces travel time, but also increases security for drivers.

"We'd like extend our thanks and recognition to the State Government for this achievement as well as to the other authorities, developers, businesses and hoteliers who helped further this project, which greatly improves ground connectivity in the Riviera Nayarit," said Fernando González Ortega, President of the Hotel and Motel Association of Banderas Bay.

The 7.2 kilometers (5.5 miles) of asphalt has four lanes and represents an investment of MEX$300 million; it can handle up to 20 thousand vehicles per day.

This is going to make getting to the La Cruz Market on Sundays so much easier!
Photos of the week

This is the work of 
Simon Velazquez posted on FB.  

Earl Miller - Roberto's Bungalows - always supplies beautiful photos.  Thanks Earl!

Thanks for reading.  Please let us know your opinions, suggestions, complaints or anything else you feel will help make San Pancho a better place in which to live and vacation.




Drew & Sheri Hunt,


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