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Mar. 18, 2106

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Well Played Hospital Fundraisers!!!  


We are thrilled to announce we doubled last year's funds raised!  A heartfelt thank you to the incredible volunteers who stepped up to the plate with gifts of time, labour and loan of items to make this fundraising event happen.  This money will provide life saving medicines and treatment for patients who qualify through social services at the hospital. 

As you know, less fortunate  folks in our community go without essential medical care every day. It is so heartening when a donor makes it possible to say 'yes' to one more person who needs medical care. Because of the generous gestures from big-hearted people, like you, we will be able to help many locals again this year. You might never know the names of the folks you are helping but you need to know your donations have saved lives. Currently we are providing bariatric  chamber treatments for a young patient who is in danger of losing his leg. 

In addition we have these programs: medivac with 3,500 dollars in needed drugs for the hospital,  recycled hospital equipment and baby clothing gift packages.

You have proven, yet again, what a caring Community we have here in San Pancho. From the very bottom of our hearts, we thank you! We also invite you to bring auction ítems from home for our 3rd annual fundraiser in 2017. 

2nd Annual Hospital Fundraising Committee

A big thank you for all the hard work of everyone who made this event such a great reality!  What a beautiful night to be in San Pancho!
Now showing....Circo De Los Niños 

Jaguar Polo Cup at La Patrona

We are pleased to invite you to the Jaguar Polo Cup in the new facilities of La Patrona Polo and Equestrian Club.

March 19, 20, 22, 23

Polo Matches at 5: pm

March 26th

Subsidiary Cup 3: pm

Grand Finale 5: pm

 Featured Video - By Quinten CREATZ
Above San Pancho
Above San Pancho
Comedy Night 

Join in on comedy night open mike.  Prizes for best joke, story or funny song.

Living the San Pancho Life - by Pat Clarke

We were very fortunate in our introduction to San Pancho. We met the Cienfuegos family. From that point on our experience of San Pancho changed. It all began with Reyna, a 4 foot 10 inch bundle of energy, enthusiasm, friendliness, love, and happiness.  When we met her she was cleaning our Casa. Her brother-in-law, Laco, was our gardener, and  Otto, married to Iris, Reyna's niece, cleaned our little pool. Our relationship with Reyna quickly became a friendship despite considerable language difficulties which also melted away. It was our fault that we soon urged Reyna to clean quickly so that we could visit or we interrupted her to chat. Donna and I would look forward to her appearance not because the casa needed cleaning but so that we could visit again. Reyna knew almost no English and we knew almost no Spanish. Somehow our desire to communicate overcame this. I began to study Spanish but it was slow going. Reyna would pick up a few words and Donna began to understand more. We gestured and pointed and laughed. Reyna spoke so fast that I had to learn "habla mas despacio por favour" right away. 

We were soon introduced to the Cienfuegos family. There was Maricruz , Reyna's daughter who attends a high school in La Cruz and couldn't decide whether she wanted to be a yacht captain or a psychologist. She studies navigation and is a very bright and independent young woman, and beautiful with a lovely smile. I think she will accomplish whatever she wants. We were privileged guests at her school for a pageant to choose the "queen" of the school.  As usual we were treated with great respect and courtesy and felt very honoured. It was such a positive atmosphere with all students cheering for their candidate. Maricruz had a very large cheering section. We were unable to attend her 15th birthday two years ago which in Mexico is a coming of age. The pictures of this event were dazzling. It seemed like a photo shoot for Vogue. Then there is Tanya, Maricruz's sister, who has a delightful little boy, Carlitos. Tanya spoke some english which was a big help. We came to know she and Carlitos and Carlos and to consider Carlitos our Mexican grandson. Carlos was not around much at first as his work kept him in Tepic and other places. As I write they are in La Paz, again due to Carlos' work. Like her sister Tanya is a bright, friendly, and beautiful(all of them are) young woman and a wonderful mother. Until recently Tanya, Maricruz, Carlitos and Reyna all lived together, as many Mexican families do, in Reyna's home, a very happy place. We then came to know Reyna's sisters, Paula, Ampelia(Reyna's twin), Isabel, who was first our property manager, and Isabel's daughter, Iris and her husband, Oto. Iris is fluent in English and Oto understands almost everything but can be a bit shy about speaking unless he is comfortable. Then there is Iris' father, Yeyo, who manages property and caters, yet another hard working man with many talents who has treated us so well. Iris and Oto have become very good friends and we have enjoyed outings to the ocean with them. We have been welcomed in their homes as they have been in ours. All of these people became our Mexican family.  

What struck us immediately was the positive attitude toward life displayed by each of these people. They were simply happy and managed any hardships with resilience. Sadnesses were quickly replaced with restored enthusiasm for living. But we also learned of the industry and diversity of their lives. Although Reyna cleaned for us we discovered that she also worked at the hospital and had become a Radiology Technician. She is now simply our friend. Aside from managing property with great efficiency Isabel was always busy doing many other things. Iris managed property with Oto who worked six nights a week at Ola Rica as the pizza cook(great pizza). She is also a caterer and truly a "jack of all trades". She can arrange a massage for you or find any other service you need. She has been a big help to us in many ways and is my informal Spanish teacher. Iris has been a great resource in helping us to understand Mexico not just San Pancho. We quickly understood that like many other Mexicans in San Pancho these were hard working but in no way downtrodden people. They truly enjoyed their lives and their families which are always at the center. Their enthusiasm for living was infectious. But it was their warmth that carried the day. My wife, Donna, and Reyna are like sisters. This amazing family is a big part of our lives and from the beginning changed the quality of our San Pancho experience. If San Pancho is a happy place, as it is for so many, this is in no small way because of people like Reyna and her family. 

There are many ways to be involved and to enjoy San Pancho but we can only hope that others have been as fortunate as we have in coming to know the real San Pancho people. 

Casa Palapa...Wow!  Wow! Wow!
a work of art 
 forged with love and placed in the perfect setting, atop a cliff, over the ocean with a view that stretches all the way to Sayulita...even from the shower.   The owners Tom & Lynette were kind enough to let us take a peek into their breathtaking  private paradise located just past the north end of the beach and all we have to say is WOW! WOW! AND MORE WOW! This is the ultimate dream spot. Imagine spending your days under the cover of a nice shady palapa outside on the terrace living area, dipping in the infinity pool that looks out over the ocean or laying in your bed looking at the twinkling lights of Sayulita in the distance while the fireworks from a wedding in the town of San Pancho fill the sky.   Casa Palapa is listed for sale so this oceanfront beauty could be yours.  Here are a few pictures of this precious gem of a home.  Enjoy!

Casa Palapa is a spectacular home on over an acre is perched on the edge of the cliff right over the Pacific Ocean with the most incredible views in the area. The main living area is under a beautiful palapa and the 3 bedrooms, the den/4th bedroom are enclosed and air conditioned.  The kitchen is also enclosed. There are 4 bathrooms and a large garage with laundry room.

New Business Joining San Pancho Life

This is one of those times where the picture says it all!

 Barracuda offers delicious, beautifully prepared, seafood dishes made with the highest quality and freshest ingredients.   For the taste of San Pancho, this is where you need to go.  

Featured Artist, Nancy Shelby
Nancy Shelby (Shelby - as we know her) has been a San Pancho seasonal resident since 2001 - she also lives in Northern California in the Redwood National Forest area - about 200 mles north of San Francisco.   She has been an artist all of her life. Her artwork has been primarily focused on the use of glass, beginning with stained glass, she moved on to fused glass and now she works mainly with glass mosaics in the northern Italian tradition. She has exhibited her work extensively in the US .  She won the Corning Glass Museum - New Glass Review award in the late 90's. Shelby told us that she is totally dedicated to glass because no color is as pure as the color in glass

In the past few years, she has been doing floor inserts and wall pieces in

mosaic as well as covering sculptural items like masks and even musical

instruments - she also teaches local residents how to work in mosaics from time to time and has plans of doing so again next year. Shelby has also been taking up pastel painting as a hobby to take a break from her glasswork, since pastel work doesn't hold up well in this environment she has made giclee prints, which she has available for sale.  A giclee is a high quality print using archival inks and archival papers. 

Last season Shelby had the opportunity to purchase some beautiful wrought iron chairs and she decided to repurpose them as art pieces by fitting the seats with her beautiful mosaic designs.  These chairs would be perfect for a foyer or lobby.   If you would be interested in seeing these beautiful chairs contact her at......glassartwoman@hughes.net

Do we really need the sanpancholife.com forum?
We recently posted a question on the forum at sanpancholife.com..Does anyone care about the forum anymore?  Can it provide any value to our community?  We got a few answers on the forum from a few people who still do use the forum but we thought it might be a good idea to put it out there to everyone who reads the newsletter to weigh in as well... Please go to the thread and let us know what you think.  

The Forum's life depends on it!
Shameless begging...again
San Pancho Life Needs YOU

Do you love to write? Are you a photographer? Do you know of an event happening in town that would be of interest to your fellow San Panchoans? San Panchoites? San Pancheros?  If so, please consider joining our team of contributors.  This newsletter can be so much better if we all contribute what we know and make it fun and interesting.  We try to be everywhere and see everything but there is so much happening in San Pancho that we only get to tell you about a fraction of it - with your help, we can do so much more.  

Thanks for sending these to us Jim Furlong... 
In San Pancho we love horses!

Our new web cam watched one of the best sunsets so far this year!

Thanks for reading.  Please let us know your opinions, suggestions, complaints or anything else you feel will help make San Pancho a better place in which to live and vacation.



Drew & Sheri Hunt,


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