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Feb. 25th 2016
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Livin' La Vida San Pancho...

This week we were treated to a delightful evening of dance performance put on for the benefit of Entreamigos by Circo de Los Niños at the Dance Bodega.  The event featured more than 40 local artists from Circo de Los Ninos youth hip hop and children ballet class, Hindu dance, the Folkloric Group of San Pancho and a tribute to Pina Bausch by the Dance Theater Adult group.
We are so fortunate to live in a village filled with so many incredibly talented people.
 Thanks to all the dancers and performers who wowed us with their talents and everyone who worked to put on this spectacular show for us.

San Pancho Music Festival!
Greetings Music Fans!

Well, the 2016 San Pancho Music Festival is now only days away and we're already excited at the amazing lineup that we have this year!  Please see the schedule below.

We're doing a few things a bit differently this year, and we're also doing a few things the same as the past couple of years, because they've proven to be popular with the audience.  For one, we will be incorporating the second stage again, which allows us to provide non-stop entertainment each night by alternating between the many great acts that we have lined up on both stages.  

What's different this year is that we have divided the nights into different musical genres.  


 Circo de Los Niños tickets now on sale

Tickets for Circo de los Niños Annual Fundraiser Show are NOW ON SALE
Circo de los Niños Bodega
Tercer Mundo No. 15
San Pancho

3:00 - 7:00 PM

for more information: circotickets@gmail.com
322 779 1519

March 16, 17, 18 & 19
All shows at 8:00 PM

To purchase on line, click here
For information about the project, contact us

Earl Miller
Who let the dogs out?

When we first got here to MEXICO 10 Years ago I noticed a real overly populated mangy dog population everywhere roaming the streets in all the villages along the ocean up the coast from Puerto Vallarta. Most of the dogs looked pretty much the same, small white dogs about a foot and a half tall that had turned brown and black from the sandy streets. It seems as though someone might have came and dropped off about five dozen of the same looking dogs to each village up the coast then left (laughing). 
Dogs here sleep in the streets and will not move when you drive down the streets in your car. I think it's, because they party all night staying awake barking and running all over town and down to the beach and by morning they are exhausted. At the beach they act just like the tourists, as they are everywhere playing and swimming in the ocean and they are having a blast.
 I kind of like the idea of a free for all dog World. We came from such an uptight dog world in the U.S. It is so different here than in the states where soon in the U.S. they will probably pass new laws where you will have to have your dog on a leash even in your living room. Now that I have been here for a bunch of years things have changed. The dogs still run wild and it seems as though each and every person in the villages joined in and got one or two new breeds of dogs for themselves, but I will say it seems that every dog has an owner. 
Lately our neighborhood has started to look like a summer spa retreat for dogs of every breed, as there are dogs everywhere. They are really not bothering anyone. I can't help it I just get a little irritated with all the barking. Sometimes the dogs have a bark fest, usually at night. I'm really not sure what they bark about, but they must be having fun.  We have a very little tiny dog a few doors down that knows when the other big dogs that live right around Roberto's Bungalow's are locked in, because she comes around and taunts them through the gates and windows and up on their balcony's with her little squeaky bark and then all hell breaks loose, as she is having the time of her life. 
Two huge dogs moved in next door.  I think one day I looked over on their deck and I saw both dogs standing on their back legs walking around barking into megaphones pointed right at me. If I'm not mistaken I think they bark at every person that goes by and every leaf that falls from the trees and we live in the jungle. 
Many nights you will find me on my front deck right out over the street below in my underpants half asleep with a flashlight pointed at the dogs. Someone told me dog's don't like bright light, so I bought one that was supposed to be 180 times brighter than any flashlight on the market. It's bright enough to see from my deck to the end of town, or maybe even all the way to Russia, so when the barking gets out of control I point it at the dogs next door and one goes and lays down (good dog) and the other looks at me and barks even louder and I think I can see him laughing at me. 
But I'm just going to go with the flow. I love dogs even more than I like humans. I'm just going to look at it as real loud bad polka music..... I love my Mexico

Need to sell that bike?  Buy a sofa?  Click on Free Classified Ads
Got a question for the experts?  Go to the San Pancho Forum
 Aqua Therapy - A perfect afternoon kayaking the Nayarit Coast.
Tailwinds Kayaking Tours

One of the new business signups on San Pancho Life is Tailwinds Kayaking Tours. Tamara Jacobi generously offered to take us on one of her tours so we could tell others about the tour. Of course, we were thrilled to take her up on it. We followed her up to Los Ayala, where the muffler on our old Jeep "Diego" partially fell off and dragged down the road announcing our arrival, sparks trailing behind us! Los Ayala is a rustic Mexican town just 20 minutes north from San Pancho. It's a super easy place to set off in a kayak, as the beach is gentle and the water calm.

The kayak tour is as described on their page in San Pancho Life.   Kayaking really is the best way to explore this spectacular coastline. It was an easy paddle so we can attest that it is perfect for people of all ages and fitness levels. We stopped and swam at the 'secret beach' and enjoyed miles of wild jungle coastline while the birds swooped in to take a closer look at us - it was certainly Tropical Bliss!
Amazing Video by Quentin CRETAZ

We love this video so much we put it on the front page of sanpancholife.com so we can all go and watch it whenever we want!
 Entreamigos Fundraiser Event

Entreamigos 10th Anniversary Gala Dinner 

Please join Entreamigos to celebrate 10 years committed to children, education, the environment and the community of San Pancho.   
We will be celebrating in style at the all new Maraicas boutique hotel, with a spectacular ocean front venue, terraced gardens and the perfect ambiance. 
This gala event includes all of the things that you would expect... and all of the special touches, attention to detail, artistic quality and surprises that make Entreamigos events, the "not to be missed" events of the season.  
Your ticket price includes:   
  • Welcome Cocktail
  • Complimentary 3 tequila hosted tasting by the Jose Cuervo Distillery
  • Delicious 3 course dinner by local chefs
  • Dessert.... (not to be missed)
  • Live Auction
  • Live Music and Dancing
  • Hand crafted Thank you gift
and a few more surprises... 
There will be a cash bar and wine by the bottle available at your table.   Auciton purchases may be paid in cash, credit card or the following day at Entreamigos.
There are THREE ways to register for this event.  
You may register as an individual or couple.  The ticket price is $800pesos per person.  You will be seated at an open table that is available on the evening of the event. 
You may sponsor a table and invite specific guests to join you at your table.  In this case you will pay a discounted price of $6000pesos for the 8 seats at your table and you may invite the guests of your choosing.   You may register your guests at the moment you reserve your table (you will need names and emails) or you can ask them to register later.   If you are sharing the cost of the table., your guests will pay you directly. 
You may register as an invited guest for someone's table.  This allows you to register at no charge and receive a printable or e-ticket to the event so that you may enter at the hour of your choosing and you will not need to spend time registering as you enter the event. 
ALL REGISTERED GUESTS will be sent information to reserve tequila tasting times and dinner seating times.  Please reserve and register by WEDNESDAY, MARCH 2ND in order to guarantee the timing that you prefer.  

Welcome San Pancho Villas & Golf Cart Rentals 

A golf cart is a great way to get around in San Pancho.
Brunch on the beach anyone?

How About Liquid Sunshine on the Beach?
Chez Lolo may no longer be on the main avenue of San Pancho, but we are still serving our Champagne Mimosa Brunch on Sunday mornings.  But now we are are on the BEACH, and with an ocean-side view!
Imagine a chilled champagne Mimosa with one of Lolo's Eggs Benedict... and the Pacific Ocean in front of you.  With 3 versions to choose from, her Eggs Benedict are sure to please even the most discriminating foodie.
So we are extending a personal invitation to you to come see what's new for Chris and Lolo as we recreate the classic Sunday brunch in a very special place!  See our invitation attached... and PLEASE let us know if you'd like to join us!
Come see for yourself.  It will be a beautiful Sunday morning!

    Laurence Georges & Chris Parsons
    Email: chezlolo.mx@gmail.com
    Lolo: 322-149-2576     Chris: 322-135-1661
Mexotik in the News

Food Network came to San Pancho this week to film a show about our own Chef Daniel of Mexotik  They will be featured on food show called Beach Mice.  The secret is out!  Now everyone who comes to San Pancho will know about this amazing restaurant!  Congratulations Chef Daniel!

We will keep you posted when we find out more about the air time.   
Featured Artist, Evelyne Boren

Evelyne Boren will be displaying her work at Galerie Des Artistes in Puerto Vallarta.  The opening will be today between 7-9pm

Galerie des Artistes
Leona Viario 250
Puerto Vallarta


Important Information We All Need
On March 7, 2016 from 2-3:30 p.m. at Casa Skip and Nancy, 111 Avenida America Latina, San Pancho there will be a presentation and discussion about Advance Care Planning for future medical care needs for ourselves and our families. Advance Care Planning includes preparing Advance Healthcare Directives, appointing agents or proxies to speak for us if we lose that ability, and discussing our plans and expectations with our families and physicians. 

The presenters are Tom Leach, M.A., San Pancho and Dr. Carol Stephens, Psy.D., LP, of Minneapolis. Dr. Carol is a psychologist specializing in mental health issues related to aging and cognitive decline. She is certified by Respecting Choices Advance Care Planning Program and is a member of the Minnesota Board of Advisors for Compassion & Choices, a nationwide not-for-profit that advocates for improving all forms of end-of-life-care including physician-assisted death. Tom is a former hospice worker and currently a volunteer with Compassion & Choices, Oregon.

Included in the presentation will be information about the current state of end-of-life health care and the choices available to residents of the USA, Canada, and Mexico. 

There is no charge and no reservation is required. 

San Pancho Life is Still Growing
We proudly introduce our newest account executive, Angela Wieland

Angela Wieland has a strong business background, having worked in sales, finance, and purchasing in a variety of industries. In addition, she has launched and successfully grown several businesses of her own. She is a self-starter with an aptitude for details, who strives to follow up as necessary to ensure her clients' needs are met, and their expectations exceeded. She has been living in Sayulita for a year and a half, but originally hails from the US. She graduated with honors from Portland State University with a BS in Business Administration

Welcome Angela!  We are so very fortunate to have you on the team!

Photos of the Week

Cuteness warning!  San Pancho kids are adorable!!
Thanks for reading.  Please let us know your opinions, suggestions, complaints or anything else you feel will help make San Pancho a better place in which to live and vacation.

And we our pleased to announce that sanpancholife.com is now bilingual! All pages now translate to Spanish!
Drew & Sheri Hunt,