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Dec 10, 2015
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Dec. 10, 2015
Hola Amigos!

   We would like to announce that Drew and I are taking over the community website, San Pancho Life - sanpancholife.com.  We are very excited about this, and hope to make it even more of a community information stop and a regular site for all of you to visit, not to mention a valuable asset to anyone considering a visit to San Pancho.
   We first came to San Pancho in January of 2011.  We rented a house on Calle Mexico from Gloria and Trini. There was no bridge to get into the town because it had been washed out the previous September so we had to drive across the arroyo.  There was an amazing driftwood tree driven into the sand in front of the beach bars with a Mexican flag on top.  That was the year of the first performance of Circo de Los Niños, and watching and participating as almost everyone in the town worked to make that beautiful dream into a reality, was one of the many compelling reasons to make us fall madly in love with San Pancho.  That was an amazing year in San Pancho!  But the thing is that every year San Pancho is amazing - the town somehow recreates itself and offers another beautiful and very different incarnation.... the beach is always changing but so is the town, and it remains alive and fresh like the jungle that embraces it. The incredible natural beauty of both the beach and the jungle, the beach life, the wonderful people and the scene with its music and art, parades of children and dancing horses, is enough to make anyone think they have died and gone to heaven.  We knew immediately that San Pancho was the place for us, so we bought a house on Calle Honduras where we try to spend as much time as possible.  We are mostly known for starting the evening at one of the beach bars at sunset, with feet in the sand, where a table for two ends up as a table for 15, and afterward we stroll up to town to dine at one of the amazing local restaurants, always following the live music to whatever happy place it leads us.  
   Drew works in television sports with interests in music, photography and travel. He lived in San Miguel de Allende earlier in life, where he learned to speak Spanish, and discovered the charm of the Mexican lifestyle.  Since that time, his heart has always yearned to return to beautiful Mexico.

  Sheri is a lover of art.  She worked as a decorative painter in Colorado until recently.  She trained with some of the best decorative artists from around the world, but after 20 years on the scaffold she decided to try something new. Now she dabbles in fine art and real estate investing, which she finds enjoyable and exciting.

   We were looking to spend more time in San Pancho and a way to help support ourselves in semi-retirement, and taking over the newsletter just seemed to fit the bill, so when Glenn offered us the opportunity it seemed like a no-brainer.  We would greatly appreciate your help and continued support in this transition.  We are committed to keeping San Pancho Life a valuable resource that benefits the whole community, and improving it with some of our own touches and ideas.  Any advice and information about events will be greatly appreciated!  Please send us any information pertaining to local events - we will be sending out this newsletter bi-weekly to begin with, and would be happy to include any and all submissions.

   We have also taken over the San Pancho Life Facebook page, and will post community information as we receive it.  The community calendar will also be kept up to date, and we invite you to participate in the Forum pages, which we plan on making more active once again.  Please feel free to post community events to the calendar and the Facebook page - SanPanchoLife.  The website will continue to operate as it has in the past, featuring local news, community events, vacation rentals and business listings, so you can use it as you always have. Our goal is to make sanpancholife.com the place to go for any and all information about San Pancho, both for locals and visitors. 
   Please feel free to contact us for any reason at sanpancholife7@gmail.com . We look forward to serving the community that we have come to love so much!


Drew & Sheri Hunt,
San Pancho Life

http://www.sanpancholife.com is the source for everything you need to know when planning your trip! 

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Téma de este año:

10° aniversario Festival Internacional de Arte y Cultura Colectivo San Pancho

In San Pancho, a town full of fishermen, farmers and people from all
around the world, located in the Bahía the Banderas shore was born the
Colectivo San Pancho: an independent group created by local,
national and international artists, cultural managers and artisans that live
in town or have a direct relation with the community.
In 2006 these group of artists created the Sinergiarte Fest when they
decided to get together in order to share their work and promote the
art, the culture and the traditions in the community and its visitors.
From Art Festivals, Art exhibitions and collaboration with different kind of artists and performers, the Colectivo San Pancho has been the founder of more than 70 concerts, 40 dancing performances, 25 circus shows, 10 theater plays, 12 film shows, 25 single art shows and 15 collective art shows.
Its important to mention concerts of well known musicians as Hector Guerra, Celso Piña, the Venado Azul, and others international and national artists.
Since then, every year San Pancho hosts one of the most important art festivals of the area including gastronomy shows, crafts and jewelry workshops. People can enjoy all shows for free, and until now the whole fest has been mainly funded by local businesses, sponsors and artists and organizers working for free.
generating greater capacity and impact on the town and its surroundings, positioning it as one of the best events in the region.
And now, after nine years, the quality of the festival line-up quality has increased, generating greater capacity and impact on the town and its surroundings, positioning it as one of the best events in the region.

Colectivo San Pancho
For more Information contact us:


Thanks for reading.  Please let us know your opinions, suggestions, complaints or anything else you feel will help make San Pancho a better place in which to live and vacation.
Drew & Sheri Hunt