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March 5, 2015
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Hola todos:

Another music festival has come and gone and it's again time to thank Chas Eller and the rest of the team for puttng this event on for our enjoyment. It amazes me that three evenings of diverse musicians on two stages with all the food vendors, artists and artisans can take place so seamlessly - but they did it again.  Thanks guys.

On the internet service file, all I have to report is that "almost" everyone that has had the new router installed is very happy with the result.  One problem that has come up is that if your computer is more than 3 or 4 years old the new router may not help.  You have a thing called a "wireless card" in your machine that has to be functioning well and the operating system you use could also be a weak link.

As the season starts to wind down, I will be publishing this newsletter on a more intermittent basis.  Whenever there is important (or amusing) information to be shared I will be sure to send it along - otherwise I will be doing my best to keep the clutter in your inbox to a minimum.


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Variety Show Series at La Bodega Teatro

Dear Friends,

San Pancho´s ongoing cultural offerings make us all proud to call this place our home. Congratulations to all who make these events possible and accessible! Now, that the amazing Music Festival has left us all surely satisfied...the Bodega Teatro proposes another opportunity for a fun and entertaining weekend.
The Variety Show Series continues with a special two-day performance of "Madame Zazou and Monsieur Tartatin..a strange love affair". 

The incredible Doloreze Leonard from Montreal returns to San Pancho (after coming a few years ago to assist in the first Circo de los Niños show at Entreamigos ) with more surprises and to seduce us once again with her many personalities... Some of you may have already met "Mademoiselle Linda", the security guard at Entreamigos fundraiser. Besides her, you will soon be astonished with the flamboyant "Madame Zazou" and be floored by the impressive intelligence and charm of "La Profesora Claudette".  

Joined by our own local artist, Ariel Sainz, ¨Madame Zazou and Monsieur Tartatin¨  tells a story of a strange love affair - filled with irony, comedy, poetry and drama. Performance in English, with some French, Spanglish and a little Mandarin!!  This project has been part of a work in progress - now the results of this new collaboration will be premiered in San Pancho...Let´s give Madame Zazou a proper San Pancho welcome. Come out this Friday and Saturday, show starts at 8:00pm. Wine/Beer on sale before and after performance.   
La Bodega Teatro (black box theater)
Donativo /Entrance $100 pesos
RESERVACIONES/reservatios -labodegateatro@gmail.com or cellular 322-779-1519  (no
 young children nor pets. please)
If you are in town or plan to be, this is an event you cannot miss.  Circo de los Niños project presents its benefit performance of over 70 young artists on March 19, 20 and 21.  Their new training space (Bodega Circo) will be transformed into a beautifully designed theater just for the event!

Tickets will be available for sale on Monday, March 2 at the Entreamigos Community Center´s Gallery Store. For questions or to request reservations, contact circodelosninossp@gmail.com / cell 322 779 1519.

Four years ago,  Gilles St. Croix with his wife Monique Voyer created a circus school for the children of the village. This non profit organization supports the development of local children from 8 to 17 years old. Through circus arts and techniques, the children build confidence, focus, determination and physical capacities. Directed by Gilles Ste-Croix, co founder of Cirque du Soleil, these shows demonstrate the powerful creative and collective outcome of this unique program.  

This year´s performance named " DAR A LUZ " (translated as "give light") is a tribute to the past years of dreaming, believing and manifesting what is now the new Bodega Circo - the space where children (and those young at heart) give birth to ideas and possibilities.

Buy your tickets NOW as tickets sell out quickly for this important benefit event.
"Wind Art"  by Goyo
Here is something from the "It only seems to happen in San Pancho" department.  It seems there is a young gentleman with an artistic and enterprising nature who has set up a gallery of sorts on the beach south of the lagoon.  You may have noticed that rudimentary structure that has been there for years with no apparent purpose?  Well now it has one.  "Goyo" has recently appeared out of nowhere and set up shop there, creating "Wind Art".  He has recruited a band of elves that run around on the beach and find "stuff" - feathers, bits of wood, fish bones, beach glass - and Goyo turns them into art.  This not an art gallery like others you may see.  When Goyo is done for the night he just leaves the art hanging there.  He doesn't lock the door because there isn't one.  It's just... all.... there!

He'll be there today in the afternoon making more "Wind Art", so if you want to see something very cool in San Pancho, you should definitely swing by and say hola. Goyo is very happy to provide you with materials so you can make your own "Wind Art" - all you need is some string and some "stuff".
Thanks for reading.  Please let us know your opinions, suggestions, complaints or anything else you feel will help make San Pancho a better place in which to live and vacation.
Glenn Thibault