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 August 10, 2012



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Kimberly King - Executive Director
Our perfect weather has returned! Temperatures are 68-86 degrees.
Its nice to have my family visit even it is short.
The Christmas season is upon us, along with our Lady of Guadalupe celebrations during the first 12 days of December. Christmas lights are being hung and the plant man is bringing poinsettias.
 Lets get ready for the holidays!

I look forward to bringing you all the happenings in our community, and share with you, the joy of living in San Pancho.

Please feel free to post your comments, share your photos, and report any news about San Pancho on our  Facebook page. 

You can contact me directly at, if you would like to talk about advertising or submit a written article. 


I look forward to talking to you about San Pancho and encourage you to come by the office, at #50 Tercer Mundo. 






Kimberly King is a community website for the village of SanPancho, Nayarit, Mexico 

New Post Office Service Opens
at the Recycla Shop at entreamigos
Starting on Monday November 26th! Mon.-Fri. 9am-6pm Sat. 9am-12pm.
Entreamigos  Distribution point opens its doors offering full service which includes mailboxes, international outgoing mail, parcel importation services, fax, copy, and scans. U.S.  Postal Services. 
La Patrona Polo Club

HAPPY HOUR FRIDAYS ! The only thing better than 1 Margarita is Two ! or 311.258.4378
House Margaritas, Mojitos, Limonada y Cerveza de Barril: Clara y Oscura 

Come and enjoy our fine Mexican Cuisine, 
Polo Matches, Equestrian Shows, Spanish Dressage    
Cafe Del Mar

Cafe del Mar moves to a new location to celebrate their 10 year anniversary! Same flavors we have always loved with some new added specialties now open on Av. Tercer Mundo. Come and try their delicious food, weekly specials and signature cocktails in their relaxed atmosphere and garden patio. Now open for breakfast  from 8- 2.
Dinner hours from 6-11pm.

Cafe del Mar ahora en un nuevo local para celebrar sus 10 años! Con los mismos sabores que siempre amamos y nuevas especialidades, ahora en Av. Tercer Mundo. Ven y prueba su deliciosa comida, especiales de la semana y sus cocteles característicos en una atmósfera relajada y su patio trasero. Ahora Café de Mar también abre en las mañanas de 8-2 y cenas de 6-11pm.

Cafe Del Mar 311-258-4148

Article by: Jordan Mautner 

                        entr amigos                        

Pancho Vida T-Shirt Shop Opens
San Pancho welcomes the Pancho Vida t-shirt shop - a place where authentic designs of San Pancho and beach settings come alive on men's and women's t-shirts. Justin Rankin and Shannon Hughes have recently teamed up to bring something new and vibrant to our quaint town. A place of expression and good style with original designs always rotating and new prints coming off the press daily. 
Justin is a professional graphic designer who used to have a t-shirt company in college. Paired with Shannon's creativity and business experience they make a great team, and it shows in their designs as well as the ambiance in their store. It took about 2 months for Justin and Shannon to renovate their building this past summer, but they managed to get it done just in time for high season! The store and products are definitely unique and full of life. The two admit that it would have been difficult to reach their goals without the support and fashion guidance of their beautiful wives, Katy and Blaze. 
The name of the store, Pancho Vida, simply means "Pancho Life" - a brand Justin and Shannon created to portray life here in San Pancho through creative t-shirt designs. In order to make the brand come to life, however, Justin and Shannon introduced their own very unique version of Pancho Villa (the Mexican revolutionary, whose name sounds almost exactly like their store's). You can see him painted on the large wall in their store, holding up the "hang loose", or "shaka" sign - Justin and Shannon's way of making the powerful image of Pancho Villa a little more friendly, and to remind people to always "keep it real". 
Stop by and support our friends Justin, Shannon and the newest addition to their team, Daly Flores (a San Pancho local), and pick up a shirt or two, or make a custom order of 25+ for your business! 
Pancho Vida is open 7 days a week, from 10am to 10pm! Don't miss out!
Phone:  (322) 136-7922

Like us on Facebook!

Article by: Jordan Mautner 
Back From The Brink
Throughout the world's oceans lurks a silent killer. It will outlive us, out swim us, and threatens to undo us. The predator is plastic and it's floating in an ocean near you.

We've all seen plastic bottles in our creeks, bays and harbours, or uncovered a grocery bag in the sand at the beach. These small scattered incidents seem minor on their own, but they're adding up to one big problem for our oceans. Fledgling sea birds are dying from being fed small pieces of plastic, turtles are choking on plastic bags and seals are being strangled by debris. Our oceans are becoming a plastic soup and our sea life is choking on the contents.

This is a global problem, with a truly local solution. We can turn our plastic addiction around. We can spread the word, change our habits, break the deadly cycle and save our marine life.

A lo largo de los océanos del mundo se esconde un asesino silencioso. Nos va a sobrevivir, por nosotros nadar, y amenaza con deshacer. El depredador es de plástico y está flotando en un océano más cercano.

Todos hemos visto las botellas de plástico en nuestros arroyos, bahías y puertos, o descubrió una bolsa de supermercado en la arena en la playa. Estos incidentes dispersos pequeños parecen de menor importancia por sí mismos, pero están sumando a un gran problema para nuestros océanos. Aves marinas mueren incipientes de ser alimentados con pequeñas piezas de plástico, las tortugas están ahogando en bolsas de plástico y las focas están siendo estrangulados por los escombros. Nuestros océanos se están convirtiendo en una sopa de plástico y nuestra vida marina se está ahogando en el contenido.

Este es un problema global, con una solución verdaderamente local. Podemos cambiar nuestra adicción plástico alrededor. Podemos correr la voz, cambiar nuestros hábitos, romper el círculo mortal y salvar nuestra vida marina.
For more information about the turtle program, visit our website: 

Or you can see our day to day work on Facebook at: San Pancho Turtles 


Para obtener más información sobre el programa de tortuga, visite nuestro sitio web:  


O usted puede ver nuestro trabajo del día a día en Facebook en: San Pancho Tortugas 
Emergency Numbers
Emergency Information and Phone Numbers for San Pancho

1. National State Emergency number 066 for ALL EMERGENCIES (fire,
ambulance, ANYTHING)
2. Municipal Policia Headquarters (in Valle): 01 329 291 0049 or 329 291 0666

For break-ins, robberies, threats, assaults, suspicious activity, violations, and also for noise bylaws (loud parties or music), drinking on the street, littering, turtle egg robbing, call local cell phone number that is passed between Muni police shifts. THIS MAY GET THE FASTEST RESPONSE, BUT CALL ONE OF THE ABOVE TOO, SO THEY ARE DISPATCHED.

3. Local Municipal Policia (Sayulita cellular): 322 104 8540
Also for break-ins, robberies, threats, assaults, suspicious activity, violations, beach problems, ATV's on beach (they have ATVs). Call local State Police office in Sayulita (not always answered).

If still no response from Local or Muni or Valle, call San Pancho's elected Delegate:

4. Local  Delgato, Raul Rojas cel phone 322 140 2519
local number 311 258 4438

5. Bahia de Bandaras Presidencia Municipal (9-5):329 291 1870

6. Civil Bomberos ~ Fire & Ambulance: 01 800 830 2185

7. Transito (9am-8pm): 01 329 296 5225

Tropical Pleasures Coconut and Pineapples
Have you noticed San Pancho's colorful new fruit stands? Located on the highway just north of the entrance to town, San Pancho now has it's very own collection of authentic Mexican fruit stands: cold coconuts, dangling pineapples and oh yes, lots and lots of sweet treats!  Unfortunately the brightly colored candies get a very low nutritional score (they can actually be very damaging to your health), however the coconuts and pineapples are tropical treasures that are definitely something to get excited about! Let's take a quick look at the nutritional profile of these two amazing fruits. 

Pineapples. Struggling with joint pain or recovering from an injury? Pineapples might be your new best friend! The core of a pineapple contains something called Bromelain (a proteolytic enzyme). Bromelain has been proven to naturally reduce inflammation throughout the body. Not only are pineapples a sweet treat that can help your injuries heal quickly, they're also loaded with vitamins and minerals, including vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, and potassium. This means that pineapples can be great for preventing illness, keeping your bones strong, supporting healthy digestion and more!   

  Fresh coconut water is not only incredibly refreshing; it's also an excellent natural source of healthy electrolytes.  Though there is currently a lot of hype around coconut water in the USA, coconut water really only offers quality electrolytes if it's fresh out of the coconut.  Lucky for us, we can watch as our local fruit stands use their machetes to chop off the top of a coconut, stick in a straw and voila! It doesn't get much fresher than that!

You've probably noticed that living in San Pancho makes your sweat. This year the hot humid summer season seems to have lasted even longer than usual, which means you're probably sweating even more! Sweating is a healthy part of living in the tropics.  The only problem with consistent sweating (on hot days or from exercise) is that your body loses valuable electrolytes. Electrolytes are essential to helping your body maintain and regulate healthy fluid levels. In this climate it's extremely important to consistently replace your electrolytes. An electrolyte imbalance can result in muscle cramps, fatigue, nausea, and mental confusion.  Not fun and easily avoided by heading to your local San Pancho fruit stands.
So . . . you might want to add coconuts and pineapples to your shopping list this week!  Not only will you be doing something great for your body, you'll also be supporting the local community.

Want more tasty, yet healthy, holiday recipes?

Ready to get your health back on track? Check out my

free guide to start listening to your body.   

Tamara Jacobi
Jungle Lodge Manager & Holistic Health Coach
San Pancho, Nayarit, Mexico
 ¿Ha notado coloridos San Pancho nuevos puestos de fruta? Situado en la carretera al norte de la entrada a la ciudad, San Pancho ahora tiene su propia colección de auténticos puestos de frutas mexicanas: cocos fríos, piñas colgando y sí mucho, y muchos dulces! Lamentablemente, los caramelos de colores brillantes obtener un puntaje nutricional muy bajo (que en realidad puede ser muy perjudicial para su salud), sin embargo los cocos y piñas tropicales son tesoros que son definitivamente algo para emocionarse! Vamos a echar un vistazo rápido en el perfil nutricional de estos dos frutos asombrosos.

Piñas. Luchando con el dolor de las articulaciones o se recupera de una lesión? Piñas podría ser su nuevo mejor amigo! El núcleo de una piña contiene algo llamado bromelina (una enzima proteolítica). La bromelina se ha demostrado para reducir la inflamación naturalmente a través del cuerpo. No sólo son una piña dulce que puede ayudar a sanar sus heridas rápidamente, también son ricos en vitaminas y minerales, incluyendo la vitamina A, vitamina C, calcio, fósforo y potasio. Esto significa que las piñas pueden ser grandes para la prevención de enfermedades, mantener los huesos fuertes, el apoyo a una digestión saludable y mucho más!

Cocos. Agua de coco fresca no es sólo increíblemente refrescante, es también una excelente fuente natural de electrolitos saludables. Aunque en la actualidad existe un gran despliegue publicitario en torno al agua de coco en los EE.UU., el agua de coco en realidad sólo ofrece calidad electrolitos si es recién salido del coco. Por suerte para nosotros, podemos ver como nuestra fruta local destaca usan sus machetes para cortar la parte superior de un coco, palo en una pajita y ¡voilá! No se puede pedir mucho más fresco que eso! Usted probablemente ha notado que viven en San Pancho hace que su sudor. Este año la temporada de calor húmedo del verano parece haber durado más tiempo de lo habitual, lo que significa que es probable que estés sudando aún más! La sudoración es una parte sana de la vida en los trópicos. El único problema con la sudoración constante (en los días calurosos o de ejercicio) es que su cuerpo pierde electrolitos valiosos. Los electrolitos son esenciales para ayudar a su cuerpo a mantener y regular los niveles saludables de fluidos. En este clima es extremadamente importante reponer constantemente sus electrolitos. Un desequilibrio electrolítico puede provocar calambres musculares, fatiga, náuseas y confusión mental. No es divertido y fácil de evitar por la partida a su local de San Pancho fruta en pie. Así que. . . es posible que desee agregar el coco y la piña a tu lista de la compra esta semana! No sólo va a estar haciendo algo grande para su cuerpo, también estará apoyando a la comunidad local.

¿Quieres más
sabrosos y saludables, sin embargo, recetas de vacaciones? Visite
                            Birding With Luis

  Bird Trivia
1) All birds have feathers. True or false?
True! Birds are the only animals with feathers. Birds have different feathers for different uses. Tail and wing feathers (also called flight feathers) are wide and flat since they help pushing against the wind for birds to fly; while feathers next to the skin are small and fluffy and they help birds to stay warm and dry.

2) All birds can fly. True or false?
False! Not all birds can fly. Some birds have wings that are too small or stubby for flying. Their wings are too soft and weak. Kiwis, for instance, have tiny wings that are hard to see. Instead of flying, Kiwis walk or run along the ground with their short legs.

3) All birds lay eggs. True or false?
True! Birds lay from one to twenty birds at a time. Birds´eggs are all about the same shape but they vary in size and color. Nearly all parent birds keep their eggs warm until they hatch. Small birds usually lay small eggs that hatch in about 10 days while large birds lay large eggs which take over a month to hatch.

So, you had them all right? Don´t miss the next bird trivia, next time regarding birds of San Pancho!
Luis Morales
Observatorio de Aves de San Pancho/ San Pancho Bird Observatory

Mobile: (52-1) 322 - 139 7242 

      Contacto con Luis Morales en:   

Photo Of The Week

Photo by Drew Hunt
Casa Sonrisa

Casa Sonrisa is located in the exclusive
Costa Azul area of San Pancho. Ocean Views!
Beautiful Pool!  

 For additional details 

contact  Chris King at 
Rancho Riviera Realty
cel 322 175 3670 
or call toll free (888) 835-3815  

Spotlight On Rentals

Villa Ola de Amor 

 Reserve this Rental in San Pancho 

for your Next Vacation!

Villa Ola del Amor is an exquisite vacation villa with an exclusive location in the village of San Pancho.  If you want a truly remote beach getaway, but with the comforts of a town right nearby, then look no further.

Villa Ola del Amor is tucked away in an area of less development that is the ecological reserve named "Las Clavellinas" This remote beach is on the edge of 30 acres of virgin jungle occupied by only three other villas. Our villa offers the perfect getaway for the group or family who truly desires their own little remote piece of heaven! 
  Villa Ola del Amor offers a three-bedroom, four-bathroom beach house with a spacious living room. The dining area is of ample size connecting to an open kitchen all with a great ocean view.  The architectural design of the villa allows for multiple magnificent ocean views as well as ocean breezes throughout the house.  Guests will enjoy two separate terraces and a infinity swimming pool


For more information click here:

Contact us 
to advertise your home and start receiving more reservations than ever before.  


Kimberly King

Executive Director   


Contacte con nosotros para anunciar su casa y empezar a recibirmás reservas que nunca antes.  

Kimberly King
director Ejecutivo

Vacation Rentals & Business Advertising

San Pancho  

Do You Own a Vacation Rental House in San Pancho?
San Pancho Advertising

If so, we hope you are advertising on and reaching the hundreds of visitors we receive to our website everyday. Our rates are very affordable, your success is 100% guaranteed, and best of all you are helping to support our community website.

Contact us to advertise your home and start receiving more reservations than ever before.  Have a business?  To advertise your business Contact us 


Thanks for reading.  Please let us know your opinions, suggestions, complaints or anything else you feel will help make San Pancho a better place in which to live and vacation.


Kimberly King

Executive Director  

San Pancho Life
Calle Tercer Mundo #50
San Pancho, 63732