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 August 10, 2012



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Kimberly King - Executive Director
Its great to see all the shops and restaurants come alive here in San Pancho. Although our weather is still hot in the afternoon, the mornings bring us cooler temperatures.

La Patrona's Polo Club has a new Happy Hour on Fridays,
Happy, Happy, Happy!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, so much to be thankful for!


I look forward to bringing you all the happenings in our community, and share with you, the joy of living in San Pancho.

Please feel free to post your comments, share your photos, and report any news about San Pancho on our  Facebook page. 

You can contact me directly at, if you would like to talk about advertising or submit a written article. 


I look forward to talking to you about San Pancho and encourage you to come by the office, at #50 Tercer Mundo. 






Kimberly King is a community website for the village of SanPancho, Nayarit, Mexico 

San Pancho Spanish School

What are you waiting for?  Why not dive into Spanish now?

San Pancho Spanish School celebrates its fourth season this year. The school is excited to offer all four levels of the highly acclaimed and effective Warren Hardy Spanish curriculum. 



We begin with Level 1 classes on Monday, November 12th and
Level 2 classes on Tuesday, November 13th

Be sure to visit our website, for the school calendar, costs, materials, testimonials, and contact information.   
Evening Talk with Mada
XVIII Festival Gourmet International

Come and experience dining with our guest chef Jose Manual Banos.
Serving Mexican Haute Cuisine with a special menu and special plate for the evening.

Carrot sheet filled shrimp ceviche, tomato, Serrano chile, onion, mango and miltomate with chintextle sauce, chili powder and purslane.

Lamina de zanahoria rellena de ceviche de camarón, tomate, chile serrano, cebolla, mango y salsa de miltomate con chintextle, polvo de chiles y verdolagas.

November 8-18, 2012
Open from 5:00PM-10:00PM
Call for reservations at 311 258 4378
Ceilan 10, Col. Centro, San Francisco, (San Pancho)
Bahia de Banderas, Nayarit 
El Estar Yoga Center

Monday/Lunes- hatha flow with Mary 8:30-10am
Tuesday/Martes- yoga integrade with Gabriela 8:30-10am
Wednesday/Miercoles- yoga restautative with Mary 5-6:30pm
Thursday/ Jueves- hatha yoga with Mary 7:30-8:30am 8:30am-10am Capoeira ninos furao 1:30-2pm
Friday/Viernes- yoga integrade with Gabriela 8:30-10am
Pilates with Roxanna 10:30-11:30am
Saturday/Sabado-yoga diferentes maestros 10-12pm

Card Coop: 400 pesos yearly class with card,
50 pesos class without card 100 pesos
Membresa 400 pesos anuales.clase con tarjeta,
 50 pesos clase sin tarjeta 100 pesos

El Estar 311 258 4256
La Patrona Polo Club

First Polo Cup
of the season
November 17.

Live Cuban Band! 
400 pesos per person minimum.

Come and enjoy our fine Mexican Cuisine, 
Polo Matches, Equestrian Shows, Spanish Dressage

November 29 Jazz Night with the Banderas Bay Jazz All Stars
Call for reservations 311-258-4378


                          EA logo   

           Recicla Parque        Now at entreamigos!
This Saturday November 17th a great group of volunteers from World Ventures together with parents and kids of the community will  help us set up this wonderful playground right in our yard where we kids of all ages will be able enjoy it!
We will start at 10AM, bring your children, your friends, your neighbors, your pets...everyone is welcome! It will be a day full of fun and San Pancho spirit!!

             Recicla Parque      Ahora en entreamigos!
Este Sábado 17 de Noviembre un gran grupo de voluntarios de World Ventures viene a San Pancho para ayudarnos a instalar estos increíble parque justo en nuestro patio, donde ni;os de todas las edades podrán disfrutarlo!
Empezaremos a las 10AM, trae a tus niños, a tus amigos, a tus vecinos, a tus mascotas...todos son bienvenidos! ¡¡Sera un día lleno de diversión y espíritu de San Pancho!!


Join us this Friday, November 23rd from 10AM to 6PM

It's all the great deals, super steals and special offers of Black Friday....
only it's all GREEN...   great for you, great for the environment, 100% local and 100% of the proceeds support children and families in San Pancho!

SAMPLE AMAZING DEALS  @ IMAGINARTE, entreamigos eco-tienda...
50% OFF most of last year's stuff! 3 for 2 on all glassware!
ea bags only 50p (while they last!)


Este viernes 23 de Noviembre de 10AM a 6PM ven a entreamigos a nuestra liquidación de inicio de temporada!
Encontrarás increíbles ofertas y promociones y además todo es VERDE!!

Buenísimo para ti y para el medio ambiente, comercio 100% local y las ventas se destinan a ayudar a niños y familias de San Pancho!
50% de descuento en artículos de la temporada pasada! 3 por 2 en todos los vasos
Bolsas e a a $50p (hasta agotarse)

10-6PM Viernes 23 de Noviembre

La Ola Rica Thanksgiving Menu
    *    Brie, Caramelized onion, and cranberry flatbread 
    *    Wedge salad with blue cheese and cherry tomatoes 
    *    Roast Turkey 
    *    Garlic mashed potatoes 
    *    Gravy 
    *    Cole Slaw with pickled ginger and Asian pear 
    *    Sage country stuffing with mushrooms and leeks 
    *    Cranberry Chutney 
    *    Pumpkin Pie with whipped cream 
    *    Pumpkin bread pudding caramel rum sauce 

Price per person:  $300.00 pesos  ($25.00 usd) 
Children under 12:  $150.00 pesos ($13.00 usd) 
Reservations: 311 258 4123, 322 141 9246 (cell) 
Back From The Brink
There have been a lot of crocodile sightings at the estuary in the past week, so instead of talking about sea turtles, we will share some information about the amazing crocs!  The crocodiles we have in San Pancho are Crocodylus acutus, the American Crocodile.  These reptiles are very sensitive to the cold, so, this time of year the crocs will come out of the water to warm themselves in the sun, allowing visitors a rare glimpse of this amazing species.  Crocodiles mate in late fall and early winter and will lay their eggs in a mud nest mound that they build on the banks of the estuary.  Eggs incubate for about 70 days and will hatch in late May, just before the rainy season. Crocodiles are very attentive parents and are extremely protective of their nests and of their hatchlings.  Special bumps in their mouths called integumentary sensory organs (ISOs) make their mouths very sensitive -even more sensitive than human fingers.  A mother croc will use her mouth to help her babies hatch out of the eggs and will carry her entire brood (up to 30 hatchlings) from the nest to the water and back in her mouth several times a day.  She coos and cuddles with her babies constantly and if danger approaches, she will call to them and they will scramble into her mouth for protection.  Crocodiles feed mainly on fish and hunt primarily the first few hours after sundown.  Obviously crocodiles can be dangerous to humans, but they will avoid confrontation if possible.  While they may look slow and lazy, they are amazingly agile both on land and in water and can move with lightning speed if the need arises.   Crocodile attacks are extremely rare and are almost always the result of poor judgment on the part of humans.  We are lucky to have wild crocodiles here in San Pancho and as long as we respect them and keep our distance we can hope to live peacefully side by side for many years to come.  All species of crocodiles are threatened or endangered in all parts of their natural habitat and they are protected by law in Mexico.
Did You Know?
Crocodiles can live to be 80 years old.
Crocodiles grow a new tooth every time an old tooth falls out.
Crocodiles have excellent eyesight and can see in color.
Crocodiles are the most intelligent reptiles.
Crocodiles have lived on Earth for about 65 million years.   
For more information about the turtle program, visit our website: 

Or you can see our day to day work on Facebook at: San Pancho Turtles

de Kim Arthur 
Ha habido una gran cantidad de avistamientos de cocodrilos en el estuario en la última semana, así que en vez de hablar de las tortugas marinas, vamos a compartir un poco de información acerca de los cocodrilos increíbles! Los cocodrilos que tenemos en San Pancho son Crocodylus acutus, el cocodrilo americano. Estos reptiles son muy sensibles al frío, por lo que, en esta época del año, los cocodrilos saldrán del agua para calentarse al sol, lo que permite a los visitantes mirar, algo poco común de esta especie increíble. Los Cocodrilos se aparean a finales del otoño y principios del invierno y  ponen sus huevos en su nido un montículo de barro que se acumula en las orillas del río. Los huevos se incuban durante unos 70 días y eclosionan a finales de mayo, justo antes de la temporada de lluvias. Los cocodrilos son padres muy atentos y son muy protectores de sus nidos y sus crías.
Golpes especiales en la boca llamados tegumentario órganos sensoriales (ISOs) hacen la boca muy sensible, incluso más sensibles que los dedos humanos. Un cocodrilo madre va a utilizar la boca para ayudar a sus crías que salen del cascarón de los huevos y llevará a toda su prole (hasta 30 crías) del nido al agua y de nuevo en la boca varias veces al día. Ella arrulla y acaricia a sus bebés constantemente y si el peligro se acerca, ella llamará a ellos y ellos se apresuran en su boca para su protección. Los cocodrilos se alimentan principalmente de peces y cazan principalmente durante las primeras horas después de la puesta del sol.
Es evidente que los cocodrilos pueden ser peligrosos para los humanos, pero van a evitar la confrontación si es posible. Si bien pueden parecer lentos y perezosos, son increíblemente ágiles tanto en tierra como en agua y puede moverse con la velocidad del rayo en caso de necesidad. Los ataques de cocodrilo son extremadamente raros y casi siempre son el resultado de la falta de criterio por parte de los humanos. Tenemos la suerte de tener cocodrilos salvajes aquí en San Pancho y mientras los respetamos y mantenemos nuestra distancia que podemos aspirar a vivir en paz uno junto al otro durante muchos años por venir. Todas las especies de cocodrilos se encuentran amenazadas o en peligro de extinción en todo su hábitat natural y están protegidos por la ley en México.

¿Sabía usted?
Los cocodrilos pueden vivir hasta los 80 años.
A los Cocodrilos les crece un diente nuevo cada vez que un diente viejo se cae.
Los cocodrilos tienen una vista excelente y se puede ver en color.
Los cocodrilos son los reptiles más inteligentes.
Los cocodrilos han vivido en la Tierra durante 65 millones de años.    
Para obtener más información sobre el programa de tortuga, visite nuestro sitio web:  


O usted puede ver nuestro trabajo del día a día en Facebook en: San Pancho Tortugas 
Sinless Cocktails and Desserts?   
The holidays are coming! Friends, family and temptation are sure to be bountiful. Why not add a healthy twist to your holiday treats? Are healthy margaritas and brownies too good to be true? I highly recommend that you give these simple recipes a try.  

All Natural Margaritas

1 cup club soda
2-3 limes, squeezed
1 shot of tequila
1 packet of stevia
(or natural sweetener of choice)
ice cubes
Blend and stir!

Garbanzo Brownies
Prep Time: 5 Minutes
Cooking Time: 40 Minutes

1 Cup Chocolate Chips
4 Eggs (organic and local if possible)  
15 oz. Chickpeas
(Garbanzo Beans),
drained and rinsed
Cup Agave Nectar OR Honey
1/2 Tsp Baking Powder

Directions: Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Melt chocolate chips by heating water in a small pan, placing chips in a metal bowl (or smaller pan) and stacking bowl over the boiling water. Stir until melted. Blend eggs and chickpeas in a food processor or blender until smooth. Add melted chocolate, sweetener and baking powder and blend until smooth. Pour batter into a lightly oiled baking pan (8"x8" ideally) and bake for 35 to 40 minutes.

Want more tasty, yet healthy, holiday recipes?

Ready to get your health back on track? Check out my

free guide to start listening to your body.   

Tamara Jacobi
Jungle Lodge Manager & Holistic Health Coach
San Pancho, Nayarit, Mexico

Las vacaciones están llegando! Amigos, familia y la tentación está seguro de ser abundante. ¿Por qué no añadir un toque saludable a las amenazas de sus vacaciones? ¿Son saludables margaritas y brownies demasiado bueno para ser verdad? Le recomiendo que te dan estas sencillas recetas un try.

Todas las Margaritas Naturales

1 taza de club soda
2-3 limas, exprimido
1 copita de tequila
1 paquete de stevia (edulcorante natural o de elección)
cubitos de hielo

Mezclar y agitar!

Garbanzo Brownies

Tiempo de preparación: 5 minutos
Tiempo de cocción: 40 minutos

1 taza de chispas de chocolate
4 huevos (orgánicos y locales, si es posible)
15 oz Garbanzos (garbanzos), escurridos y enjuagados
Copa Agave néctar o miel
1/2 cucharadita de polvo para hornear

Direcciones: Precalentar el horno a 350 grados. Derretir chocolate calentando el agua en una cacerola pequeña, colocando las fichas en un recipiente de metal (o más pequeño pan) y apilado tazón sobre el agua hirviendo. Revuelva hasta que se derrita. Mezclar los huevos y los garbanzos en un procesador de alimentos o licuadora hasta que quede suave. Agregar el chocolate derretido, el edulcorante y la levadura en polvo y mezcle hasta que esté suave. Vierta la mezcla en un molde para hornear ligeramente engrasada (8 "x8" lo ideal) y hornear durante 35 a 40 minutos.

¿Quieres más sabrosos y saludables, sin embargo, recetas de vacaciones? Visite
                            Birding With Luis

  Bird Trivia

1) All birds have feathers. True or false?

2) All birds can fly. True or false?

3) All birds lay eggs. True or false?/?

You can send your answers to Luis or write them down to see if you were write.

Don´t miss the next edition of La Voz de San Pancho to find the answers.

Have a nice weekend!

Luis Morales
Observatorio de Aves de San Pancho/ San Pancho Bird Observatory

Mobile: (52-1) 322 - 139 7242 

      Contacto con Luis Morales en:   

Bistro Organico at Hotel Cielo Rojo

Joe Hadlock plays at Bistro on October 21st for friends and family!

Many reasons to be thankful - good music, delicious food and the sweetness of friends and family !

On Wednesday, November 21st (music producer and performer)
Joe Hadlock will be sharing all that and more at  Hotel Cielo Rojo's Bistro Organico..  

Join us in our patio restaurant for dinner or cocktails. Order from our regular dinner menu or stay tuned to see what Chef Juan Diego creates for the night's special. As part of the evening's delight,  consider choosing from our unique cocktail and wine list.

Joe will play a set starting at 7:00PM.
Tuesdays through Sundays (Breakfast and Dinner).  
Reservations recommended for groups of 4 or more.  311 258 4441 

Photo Of The Week

Spotlight On Rentals

Casa  Susana

Reserve this Rental in San Pancho 
for your Next Vacation!
All three of the bedroom villas have two double beds (side by side), rock mosaic floored showers, toilet, sink, and generous closets. The living room villa has plenty of room for eating, drinking and playing, and includes a lit deck should you decide to spend the night outside under the stars. There are 1800 square feet of covered living area, plus multiple decks. The buildings sit on 3/4's of an acre in tropical jungle foliage; all with spectacular ocean views of the San Pancho, San Francisco Mexico beachline.
Sit up in your bed and watch the boats and whales go by, drink margaritas while in the pool on one of several large decks and watch the sunset, or just laze in the hammock and listen to the ocean waves. Bring your fishing equipment and catch your dinner on the beach below!!! The villas are beautifully landscaped with hibiscus, bougainvilleas, and other tropical flowers to enhance the lovely and lush surroundings. Lit brick pathways join the buildings. Pick your own bunch of bananas off the trees to eat later. The only sounds are the waves crashing below and jungle birds. There is a full sized heated infinity pool overlooking the bluff, and professional landscaping has added to the natural beauty.

For more information click here:  

Contact us 
to advertise your home and start receiving more reservations than ever before.  


Kimberly King

Executive Director   


Contacte con nosotros para anunciar su casa y empezar a recibirmás reservas que nunca antes.  

Kimberly King
director Ejecutivo
Casa Valhalla 


3,700 square feet (approx.) 

Located in the exclusive community of Costa Azul, in the north end of San Pancho. This beautiful home, nestled into the hillside, across the street from the ocean, features a long view of 
the beach and lush landscaping throughout. This is a fantastic opportunity to own a truly magnificent house in San Pancho.
( First time on the market.)    

 For additional details 

contact  Chris King at 
Rancho Riviera Realty
cel 322 175 3670 
or call toll free (888) 835-3815  

Vacation Rentals & Business Advertising

San Pancho  

Do You Own a Vacation Rental House in San Pancho?
San Pancho Advertising

If so, we hope you are advertising on and reaching the hundreds of visitors we receive to our website everyday. Our rates are very affordable, your success is 100% guaranteed, and best of all you are helping to support our community website.

Contact us to advertise your home and start receiving more reservations than ever before.  Have a business?  To advertise your business Contact us 


Thanks for reading.  Please let us know your opinions, suggestions, complaints or anything else you feel will help make San Pancho a better place in which to live and vacation.


Kimberly King

Executive Director  

San Pancho Life
Calle Tercer Mundo #50
San Pancho, 63732