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"...ISEC promotes the development, construction and operation of a space elevator as a revolutionary and efficient way to space for all humanity..."

November 2014
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Welcome to the November, 2014 edition of the ISEC eNewsletter.


In this issue's President's Corner, ISEC President Dr. Peter Swan discusses reasons to be Thankful this season, especially for the Space Elevator community.


Also there are articles on ISEC becoming a "Knowledge Partner" for the upcoming ISC2015 conference in India and the new Competition being held by the National Space Society (an ISEC affiliate) where you can design a spacecraft

Finally, we have the latest installment in the series "Why Space Elevators?"


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Thank you! 



The President's Corner

Thankful! That is the word that comes to mind when we had 14 for Thanksgiving dinner.  A feast it was, with family and friends giving thanks for the bountiful year.  

In addition, it was a bountiful year for the space elevator community.  It started out with major presentations at the International Academy of Astronautics sponsored Head of Space Agencies Summit in January.  Over the next several months my "President's Corner" talked about:
  • April - Hope for the coming year
  • May - Involvement as volunteers
  • July - ISEC as THE Champion for space elevators
  • August - Successful International Space Elevator Conference
  • October - Kickoff of two studies, CNT status and Marine Node Definition
This month I would like us to reflect back and recognize that we have a lot to be thankful for.  The most significant gift is the one of "volunteering!"  I want to thank all those who have given time in one of the many activities that supports ISEC and the development of the space elevator.


"Keep Climbing my Friends!"  Pete Swan
Do you want to design a spacecraft?  Now's your chance!  The National Space Society (NSS), an affiliate of ISEC, is holding a contest to design a spacecraft that;

"...will carry approximately 100 competitively selected student experiments into low Earth orbit and after a week's time return them safely to Earth...

Before the Enterprise can be built it must be designed. And this is where you can help. One feature of this program is that the Enterprise in Space team is calling on artists, engineers, science fiction fans, students, designers, space activists, and dreamers to come up with their own concept of what the NSS Enterprise Orbiter should look like. And unlike the overwhelming majority of art, graphics, and design contests that require entrants to pay a submission fee, entry in the Enterprise in Space Design Contest is free!

The deadline date for entries is December 8th, so don't delay.  Visit the contest website to view all the rules and details.
ISEC will be represented at the 2015 International Space Conference as a KNOWLEDGE PARTNER.  Mr. Sourabh Kaushal, a presenter at a recent Space Elevator Conference and an entrant into the Pearson Prize competition, will be talking about ISEC and handing out ISEC literature (ISEC Reports and CLIMB - The Space Elevator Journal) at the conference.

This sounds like an exciting event and a great reason to visit India - mark your calendars and make your reservations now!
What is ISEC?

The International Space Elevator Consortium (ISEC) is the result of a coming-together of many leading figures and organizations who have worked long and hard over many years to promote the concept of a Space Elevator.  With organizational members in the United States, Europe and Japan and individual members from around the world, ISEC's goal is nothing less than to get a Space Elevator built.

Our Mission Statement says it all:

"ISEC promotes the development, construction and operation of a space elevator as a revolutionary and efficient way to space for all humanity"

Each year we adopt a theme which we use to focus our activities for that year.  For 2009-2010, our theme was Space Debris Mitigation - Space Elevator Survivability.  For 2010-2011 our theme was Research and thought targeted towards the goal of a 30 MYuri tether.  For 2011-2012, our theme was Operating and Maintaining a Space Elevator.  For 2012-2013, our theme was Tether Climbers and for 2013-2014, our theme is Architecture & Roadmaps. For 2014-2015, ISEC has two themes; The Marine Node and a Materials Review.

If you agree that building a Space Elevator should be a priority for all of us and you want to help make this happen, please Join Us!  Benefits include eNewsletters (such as this one), the ISEC Journal CLIMB and other items listed on our Join page.

Come and join us and help make the future happen!

The International Space Elevator Consortium (ISEC) is a registered 501c3 charitable organization
(EIN 80-0302896)

Thank you, Corporate Sponsors !

The lifeblood of any organization such as ours is the support we receive from our members - and we thank them all.  We especially want to thank our Corporate Sponsors who have contributed funds and resources to ISEC at a higher level.

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Visit our website at  There you can join learn more about what is happening in the Space Elevator community and what is being done to advance the concept of a Space Elevator.  Please consider joining ISEC - we foster research and sponsor Space Elevator-related causes, but to do so takes money.  Your contributions are crucial to our success.  Thank you!

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