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OverDrive Challenge
Help us make more eBooks available to you.
Mayor Chuck Fewell

Mayor Chuck Fewell gets an eBook demo from Librarian Jesse Keljo. The Mayor navigated the pages of an eBook downloaded from the library's website to an iPad mini.


Want help getting started?

Call (317) 462-5141, ext. 240.

If you haven't checked out an eBook from the library site, now is the time. OverDrive, our primary source for eBook and audio book downloads, has issued a challenge for the month of June. 


If our library can increase digital checkouts by 25%, OverDrive, will donate $1,500 toward digital purchases. If checkouts increase by 50%, the library receives $2,500 in credit. This means more books for you!


Please give eBooks a try:   Android,  iOS,  Kindle Fire,  Nook.

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Hoopla lets you borrow free video, music, and audio books. All you need is a web browser (computer with Internet), smartphone, or tablet. An unlimited number of copies are available, so there's never a waiting list.
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One in a Million Countdown
We're really close to the mark so far.
In 2013, people using the Hancock County Public Library checked out 906,984 items.

Please help us reach 1,000,000 checkouts by the end of 2014. In May, were right on track with 393,347. That's almost 40% right before summer, our busiest season.
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