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LTC is a Women's Issue
LTC is a Womens Issue Men in general, and husbands in particular, don't "get" the importance of LTC planning and are more likely go out of their way to deny its importance. At least this has been my practical experience - Read Your Wife Is Going to Outlive You.

In addition, women need far more long-term care than men do, and are far more likely bear the emotional, financial, and psychological burden of being caregivers.  Read more

The need for long-term care is growing and so is the need to plan for it.  Who will provide your care and how will you pay for it? These statistics make this story crystal clear.  Here's my most recent blog on this subject

Lots of celebs are stepping up and testifying about their own experiences as caregivers. Here's a recent story about "Nashville" star Kimberly Williams-Paisley. Still another deals with actor Owen Wilson's father's battle with Alzheimer's Disease. The article hints that there is sufficient money in the Owens family to pay for caregivers. Even so, I am sure the Owens family did not anticipate having to spend so much money paying for a lengthy battle with Alzheimer's. Even rich people with plenty of wealth do not like to pay for long-term care.

Our government is not going to be able to help pay for the dignified long-term care options so many of us will want and need.

Despite excellent media coverage of the consequences, far too few Americans are taking the coming long-term care crisis seriously. Not enough of us own long-term care insurance. I'm afraid a huge number of us might regret taking a two week photo safari to Africa, rather than visiting Yellowstone, and using the savings from the less expensive trip to pay reasonably priced long-term care insurance (LTCi) premiums.

New LTC White Paper and Executive Summary, Just Published!

NAHU - National Association of Health Underwriters I would have led with this story, since this is hugely exciting to my colleagues and me, but I understand it is not quite as exciting to newsletter readers!

NAHU (National Association of Health Underwriters) is our nation's largest, most politically respected professional trade association for brokers like me. It has just publically released a Long-Term Care White Paper and Executive Summary. Long-Term Care is now a more official part of NAHU's political advocacy.

I am active in NAHU on a national level and was involved with creating these new papers.

The two papers give common-sense solutions for saving government dollars for the truly needy and making it easier for Americans make more responsible LTC planning decisions. The Executive Summary is easy to read and understand.
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