Happy Holidays from Honey Leveen

Greetings, Dear Friends and Clients,


Jim and I hope you'll accept our best wishes for a happy, healthy holiday season and coming year!  


Client Calls Always Get Returned First  


Even if we don't see or hear from each other often, know that I am still present and accountable to you.    


I have been a one-woman practice for the past 24 years. I do rely on you to call me any time you have any questions about how your long-term care insurance (LTCi) policy works, especially if you think you might need to collect from it!   


Although I've just turned 62, I have no plans to retire because I have a fulfilling, satisfying career. Even when I eventually retire, as long as I am mentally capable, I plan on returning your calls and servicing your policies. I have never overlooked the role you, as my client and friend, play and continue to play, in my success. I am grateful to you.

The Presence of LTCi Can Be Transformative, Almost Magical


The following is a true story, not a paid endorsement. My client wanted to share her story about how much better life is because she owns LTCi.

Senior with Walker "Dear Honey ~ Thank you for selling us our long-term care policies almost 20 years ago. I am 85 years old now and collecting from my policy. When we talked a year ago, you could tell I needed help with my activities of daily living (ADL's). You urged me to start collecting from my policy. I refused to take your advice. I guess I just wasn't willing to admit I needed help.  


I thought accepting help would take away my independence. It turns out the opposite was true: I have gained independence by accepting the extra help my LTCi pays for.

This past year, struggling without the extra help my LTCi provides, was both difficult and depressing. It was also a burden to Tony, who had to transport me everywhere, did all the housework, and assisted me with walking, bathing and dressing.  


I was finally willing to admit I needed help. My policy is now paying for a caregiver four days a week, that's all I need for the time being. She helps me with my ADL's. She also does the laundry and other housework, and drives me to my bridge game and other appointments. I like her a lot. She is good company; we have become friends.


I am much happier now and am also very glad Tony has the respite he deserves. LTCi has made a huge difference in our lives. I am sharing my story because I want others to know how very important it is to own LTCi." ~ Susie R., Houston, TX, November, 2014


The point is, few of us are as wealthy as Glen Campbell


Glen Campbell Jim and I saw the film "Glen Campbell - I'll Be Me" on its opening night here in Houston. It is entertaining, educational, and a great way to open up a conversation about the need for long-term care planning. The film has been highly praised by critics and viewers. It tells the story of Glen Campbell's battle with Alzheimer's Disease.


Even though it is graphic and candid, Mr. Campbell's story is told masterfully, with taste, humor and love. I strongly recommend that you see this film. It will be wonderful for family viewing during the holidays. It is in theaters now and I suspect it will be available on Netflix and Amazon shortly.  Watch the film trailer.  


The bottom line is that not everyone is worth $50 million, like Glen Campbell is. For those of us without such wealth, LTCi ownership will make a vast difference in outcome if long-term care is needed.

Read the blog I wrote on this film - it has additional information and links


Undeniable Proof that LTCi is Good for America and Good for Families 


LTCi is Good for America A new study has just been published by America's Health Insurance Plans (AHIP). It utilizes statistics from several reputable sources, over a period of about 12 years. Click here for a description of the report


In a nutshell, the report proves that it is impossible to save more than a fraction of what LTCi will pay if care is needed for anything but a short amount of time. LTCi claims get paid beautifully, and LTCi policyholders get not only more care but also more choices and options. 


For family members, the report proves that there is far less loss of earnings and wealth when a loved one owns LTCi. Caregivers also experience far less stress when LTCi is present.

Why the Report Proves LTCi is Good for America 


LTCi keeps Americans off Medicaid and helps preserve Medicaid for the truly needy. Very few of those who own LTCi spend down to poverty level and qualify for Medicaid. 

Read a blog I wrote on this, which gives additional information. If you would like a copy of this report, email me at honey@honeyleveen.com   



It's hard to believe that 2015 is just around the corner and I have been doing the work that I love so much for nearly a quarter of a century.  I continue to enjoy meeting new people and introducing them to LTCi.  And my greatest satisfaction comes when clients begin to collect on their policies and enjoy the best quality of life possible in this new stage of their "Golden Years."  I hope to be here when that time comes for each and every one of you.
Jim and I send you all our very best wishes for a happy and healthy new year!