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In order to stay relevant today, companies must constantly evolve, change and innovate. According to a SHRM study about 94% of business leaders say that innovation is key to success and adapting to a changing business environment is driven by leadership. However, these same leaders are only 14% confident about their organizations' ability to innovate and compete effectively in an ever evolving competitive market. Ensure that your organization is innovating to continue your growth and prosperity.

  Enabling Innovation


What is innovation? To innovate is to introduce something new; make changes in anything that is an established patterns. It begins with those people who touch the business across all functional and departmental areas.  Creativity and new thinking is not dependent on the participation of high-ranking executives - but on any employee that is a student of the business, knows their customers and their specific needs. Those who recognize and react to changes, take the time to analyze their competitors and the evolution of industries, brands and the emerging role of technology. Innovators are those who can see, sow, grow and share opportunities.


The best leaders know that innovation must come from multiple sources, both internally and externally and from every level of the organization. When people and their different points of view and experiences converge, they create new ideas that individuals could not have done or found alone.


For teams to innovate, leaders must

 challenge each team member to think more critically and see through a lens of continuous improvement.  Looking through this lens requires the mindset of a "courageous enabler" - one who takes charge and embraces the role of a change agent in support of constructive disruption that ultimately makes things operate better and improves performance.

 Pro Way Development Offer Additional Assistance


Call Pro Way Development for help with:

  • Creating teams that innovate 
  • Creating an environment where all ideas are heard and welcomed
  • Manager development to ensure they have the skills to retain employees
  • Interpersonal skills training to engage your staff

Pro Way Development works with businesses to create and implement plans to ensure people have the skills for success and that business is poised for growth. We do this by aligning human resources and training and development practices with the plans, goals and strategies of business.




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 Pro Way Development


Pro Way Development is your source for employee training, executive coaching and meeting management.


Our services include:

  • Training to increase employee skills
  • Consulting services to manage employee relations issues
  • Meeting facilitation services so you can focus on your content
  • HR advice to motivate the right behaviors for profit and growth.  

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About Laura Jacob


Laura works with companies to ensure that their business plan includes a plan to give employees and leaders the skills to communicate, manage and lead the organization to drive business growth.  



In addition to holding degrees in Psychology and Industrial Relations, Laura is certified as a Professional in Human Resources and a 6 Sigma Greenbelt. 

She is a requested speaker on time management, management fundamentals and working across generations.

Laura's teaching and facilitation style is highly interactive and ensures engagement of participants and the transmission of learning. Participants describe her as "keeps things fun, interesting, stays on task and is very learned and knowledgeable about the subject matter," and "able to engage even those hesitant to participate." 


She is also adjunct faculty at the University of Bridgeport and Manhattanville colleges where she teaches adult undergraduates and graduates on a variety of management topics. 
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