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Most Americans are stressed at this time of year and not just because of the holidays. According to the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM), U.S white collar workers work more than 50 hours or more each week, among the most of any advanced economy. This doesn't include "face time" people hanging around the office so their bosses can see them.

   Little Vacation and We Don't Take It 


In addition to more stress because of year round long hours, most Americans don't take the little vacation they do get, if their employers offer it.


One quarter of American workers work at companies that don't offer vacations according to SHRM. Companies that do offer vacation provide 10-14 days a year and people don't take it or take work with them on vacation.

  How to Take a Break

Taking a break requires employees to be assertive. If you don't think you can take a week of vacation off at a time take a day here and there and be sure to unplug. You are not on vacation if you are checking emails and voicemails. Let colleagues know ahead of time who they can talk to while you are away. 


Remember the constant stress of too much work will ultimately make you less rather than more effective. Can't get much time off? Take time to go for a walk, read a book, go to the gym, make plans with friends.

 Creating a Time Off Friendly Culture


Pro Way Development works with your organization to create a culture where employees contribute their best while on the job and where you can ensure they get the rest they need to be top performers while they are working. Leaders need to model normal work habits. Everyone comes back refreshed and more productive from a vacation.

We also provide cost-effective programs on a variety of soft skills training and coaching so that you, your team and your organization have the ability to reach goals.


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About Laura Jacob


Laura works with companies to ensure that their business plan includes a plan give employees and leaders the skills to communicate, manage and lead the organization to drive business growth.  



In addition to holding degrees in Psychology and Industrial Relations, Laura is certified as a Professional in Human Resources and a 6 Sigma Greenbelt. 

She is a requested speaker on time management, management fundamentals and working across generations.

Laura's teaching and facilitation style is highly interactive and ensures engagement of participants and the transmission of learning. Participants describe her as "keeps things fun, interesting, stays on task and is very learned and knowledgeable about the subject matter," and "able to engage even those hesitant to participate." 


She is also adjunct faculty at the University of Bridgeport and Manhattanville colleges where she teaches adult undergraduates and graduates on a variety of management topics. 
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