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I was recently consulted about a senior financial manager, great with numbers and projections whose career had stalled because she could not present her findings to clients in a concise and convincing manner. While professional and technical skills and work experience are important it is the soft skills and how the information is communicated and shared that can make careers successful. 


 Soft Skills are Critical for Success 

A fall 2013 study by Ernst and Young found that for executives to be effective they need to sharpen their soft skills and that they are critical to succcess. They asked 596 CEOs and other high level executives, senior managers and directors what they consider to be the most important attributes a potential leader should possess. 


Beyond the ability to read the numbers and understand the business, organizations have two things to work with - money and people. So leaders have to manage the financial side but they found that that's only half the equation.

More and more successful organizations are looking at a leader's ability to manage their employees including skills called "soft skills" that are sometimes harder to master. These skills are not always taught in university and it is "assumed" that they will be picked up almost by osmosis, through trial and error and of course through specific training courses or training for specific skill sets.
Since organizations are also moving away from command and control decision-making style, it more critical than ever for leaders to manage through others. This requires the ability to:
  • Influence
  • Communicate difficult decisions
  • Listen actively to employees and clients
  • Delegate to motivate employees
  • Set realistic goals
  • Develop both individual contributors and managers of people


 Develop Your Leaders 
Contact Way Development for cost-effective programs on a variety of interpersonal skills so that you, your team and your organization have the ability to ensure your reach your financial goals.  
 Tame Time Management 4/3 6:00 pm Eastern
Thursday April 3rd Laura Jacob will be a guest on The Executive Business Seminar's web radio show. Just click the following link at 6:00 pm next Thursday and get valuable time management tips and tools to increase your knowledge.


 Pro Way Development Soft Skill Success

Pro Way Development worked with a client to help develop the skills of employees with significant work experience, new to management. Based on our in depth complimentary assessment we identified 6 topics for weekly one-hour sessions delivered both on site and via GoToMeeting for locations across the globe. We tailored content to help first time managers increase their skills in:

  • Transitioning to management
  • Communication
  • Time Management
  • Delegation
  • Goal Setting
  • Giving and receiving feedback

These employees now have the tools they need to be more effective with their teams.  



Contact Pro Way Development for cost-effective programs on a variety of soft skills training and coaching so that you, your team and your organization have the ability to reach your financial goals.


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 About Laura Jacob


Laura works with companies to ensure that their business plan includes a plan give employees and leaders the skills to communicate, manage and lead the organization to drive business growth.  



In addition to holding degrees in Psychology and Industrial Relations, Laura is certified as a Professional in Human Resources and a 6 Sigma Greenbelt. 

She is a requested speaker on time management, management fundamentals and working across generations.

Laura's teaching and facilitation style is highly interactive and ensures engagement of participants and the transmission of learning. Participants describe her as "keeps things fun, interesting, stays on task and is very learned and knowledgeable about the subject matter," and "able to engage even those hesitant to participate." 

She is also adjunct faculty at the University of Bridgeport and Manhattanville colleges where she teaches adult undergraduates and graduates on a variety of management topics. 
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