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January 2014 

2013 is a fading memory after holiday and New Year celebrations. 2014 is now a reality as we return to work and face: unanswered emails, requests from customers and managers and long lists of things to do. 

Before getting into the details of the year, take a minute and review some strategies for a successful year.


 For You


At the beginning of the year we set personal and professional resolutions or goals but in short time they are forgotten. Create a plan to ensure you achieve your professional goals. Take stock of your current skills - what would you like to learn? 




Meet with your manager and ask him or her for feedback on your performance in 2013. Ask them about their goals and those of the business so you can sync with them. The more specific and attainable your goals are the more you will achieve them. Click here to read more tips on setting SMART goals. 

 For Your Employees 


Start 2014 off by creating an environment that will motivate and retain employees. Employee Benefit News reported that almost a third of employers indicated that top performers left their organizations in 2012. Given that 39% of these organizations were concerned that they'll lose top talent, 2013 numbers will likely be higher and will increase as the economy improves in 2014. 


Faced with these losses, employers asked current employees for feedback on how to increase job satisfaction. According to a new CareerBuilder survey, 26% of workers said that providing special perks is an effective way to improve employee retention. Simple perks include:


  • Half day Fridays - often a summer treat, use them to reward employees throughout the year
  • Casual dress, an easy no cost perk!
  • Free lunches, and snacks - bring your team together and further develop your relationships and increase team morale. 


 For Your Organization or   Business 


With four generations in the workforce, managing and benefiting from generational differences is critical to success. Communication and team-building programs that increase understanding will allow your organization to thrive by capitalizing on each generation's strength to grow.


In addition to continually developing your team, don't forget your HR checklist which should include:  

  • An employee handbook that regularly reviewed and communicated to ensure legal compliance
  • Social media policies that protect the company without infringing on employee rights that are more protected now than you may realize
  • Well-defined and up to date job descriptions so you and your employees are clear on expectations
  • Check to see what laws passed in 2013 that will impact your business - did you know the minimum wage in Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, and Sea-Tac, Washington increased?

Contact Pro Way Development for cost-effective programs to hire, manage, develop and motivate your staff and create the blueprint for a prosperous 2014.





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About Laura Jacob


Laura works with companies to ensure that their business plan includes a plan to hire, manage and motivate employees to drive growth.  



In addition to holding degrees in Psychology and Industrial Relations, Laura is certified as a Professional in Human Resources and a 6 Sigma Greenbelt. 

she was recognized by Sam's Club and SCORE as one Connecticut's outstanding businesses.
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