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December 2013

As the year slowly comes to an end we look back at the past year, evaluating what went right and where things missed the mark. This is also the time of year when reflect on what we'll need to do in 2014 in response to this year's successes and failures. In many cases now is the time that employees and managers get ready for the annual performance review.


For many employees, the arrival of the annual performance review is not something to look forward to, in part because of the fear of being judged and not knowing what to expect.

 Feedback Is Important 


  • An estimated 50% of all performance problems occur because of lack of feedback
  • Sensitively delivered feedback can increase motivation and success
  • It supports effective behavior
  • It guides and puts individuals back on track
  • It acts as a barometer to show where you stand
  • It recognizes progress

 Feedback Should Be Based On Behavior 


Feedback should be healthy communication between a team leader or member that reinforces competence or realigns expectations towards business related goals. All feedback  should be behavioral - something you could capture by taking a picture with your cell phone. "Good job," or "not a team player" are too vague for employees to continue to do well or change. 


A better way to say good job, for example, is to give a specific example: "Jill, good job on the presentation to XYZ client. You touched on their key needs and how our business will fulfill their service needs and as a result they have signed on for next year. Thank you." 


 Make Feedback A Gift 


Here are some additional tips to change the annual review into an event that both employees and managers can look forward to as the summary of one year and planning for the next. 

  Tips to Give the Gift of Feedback 


Make your new year's resolution one to give feedback all year long. Unless it comes in a large check or a small Tiffany box neither employees nor managers like to be caught off guard and find out that they have not been meeting expectations. Put in your calendar now for next year to meet at a minimum biweekly. Here are some tips on how to deliver feedback:

  • Schedule a meeting with your employee to give feedback so that they can plan for the meeting and it doesn't catch them off guard. This also gives them the time to give you, the manager the gift of feedback.
  • Good managers give feedback, great managers also ask for it too.Ensure you are meeting in a room where you won't be disturbed and ideally not your office so you have have a meaningful conversation without interruption. 
  • Let the employee read your review before the meeting so they can digest it.
  • During the meeting use active listening. Listen to the response to your feedback without judging or interrupting. You might actually learn something. "I'm interested in your view 
    of this situation." "So you are saying..." "It sounds like you feel..."  
  Catch Your Employees Doing Things Right


While managers should give employees feedback on behavior that needs to be corrected, behavior that is superior should also be given. If you don't reinforce those behaviors that are producing results employees may think they aren't important. 
The goal of effective feedback is to provide insights and guidance to employees to value their contributions and increase the sense of personal meaning they derive from being a member of your organization.
   Present Useful Feedback!


Well delivered, timely feedback given well is really a gift because it reinforces good work and corrects poor performance before it spirals out of control.

Need help with:

  • Active listening?
  • Giving feedback?
  • Setting goals?
  • Tying job descriptions to performance? 


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