March 19, 2015
HPISD saves $225,000 in energy costs in just 8 months


In just eight months, Highland Park ISD has saved $224,796 in energy costs, a 19.3 percent reduction, since partnering with CenergisticEnergy Specialist Monica Maxwell reported the initial results of the district's conservation program to the School Board at its March 17 meeting. HPISD is projected to save $1.7 million through the first five years of the conservation program.


"In addition to the saving of taxpayer money, we are also making an environmental impact," Maxwell said. "Our reduction in energy is equal to removing 295 cars from our roads, or planting 36,356 trees in our community."


The School Board was pleased to hear the quick results from the district's energy conservation program.


"This is very positive news, and the board would like to thank the Facilities Services Department employees for all their hard work and for being the boots on the ground," Board President Leslie Melson said. 

The cost of utilities is the second-largest budget line item for HPISD, and prices for electricity, natural gas and water have been steadily increasing. To combat rising costs, the district entered into a partnership with Cenergistic in June to implement a comprehensive conservation program throughout all buildings and campuses. 


"We always like to highlight our successful public-private partnerships," Board Finance Officer Joe Taylor said. "Every dollar the energy conservation program saves is equal to three tax dollars, so the program has already saved more than $600,000 Robin Hood dollars. We are looking forward to even greater savings for the future."