Sept. 11, 2014 
HPISD begins planning for foreign language in elementary schools
HPISD foreign-language teachers Eric Inboden and Diana Perez will help design a foreign-language program in HPISD's elementary schools.


HPISD foreign-language teachers Diana Perez and Eric Inboden have had a busy first few weeks of school. They've met with principals and foreign-language teachers, shared their research and ideas with School Board members and PTA leaders, and inventoried instructional resources from storage closets. The goal: to design and launch a foreign-language program in HPISD's elementary schools starting with a pilot program in the fall of 2015.
HPISD parents and community members have long supported the idea of introducing foreign-language instruction in our elementary schools. The HPISD School Board shares this goal, which is why last spring, trustees approved the hiring of two curriculum and research professionals to design a program that would dovetail with existing foreign-language instruction. The details of the pilot program, which may begin with a single grade level next year, will be released as the plans progress.
It's exciting to see the work begin, and the Dallas Morning News reporter Melissa Repko sat down with Perez and Inboden to learn more about their ideas and goals for this ambitious project. Click here to read the article

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