March 20, 2014
HPISD plans ahead for facilities use for 2014-15 school year

Dear HPISD Parents & Staff,
HPISD has seen its enrollment grow from 6,840 students at the end of the 2012-13 school year to the current total of 7,017 students. To deal with this growth, the district is planning to make some short-term adjustments to reconfigure space for the 2014-15 school year. Here are the anticipated classroom needs and recommended modifications for each campus, as presented at Tuesday's School Board meeting:   
  • Elementary Classroom Needs
    • Armstrong Elementary - 1
    • Bradfield Elementary - 2
    • Hyer Elementary - 2
    • University Park Elementary - 1
    • Total additional classrooms - 6
  • Secondary Classroom Needs
    • MIS and HPMS is not expected to see a significant enrollment increase because the relatively large eighth-grade class moving to HPHS will offset the new fifth-grade class and projected growth.
    • HPHS will see growth, primarily driven from the larger ninth-grade class next year. We do not expect to need additional classrooms next year at HPHS.  
  • Elementary Classroom Additions
    • At Armstrong, an additional classroom will be gained when video technology will be moved back to the auditorium.
    • At Bradfield, intervention space and a computer lab will be converted to two additional classrooms.
    • At Hyer, a meeting room will be divided to create classroom space.
    • At University Park, the large room that had been used for musical instruction will be divided to create two classrooms. Music classes will meet in the auditorium next year. 

Since safety is always a top concern, our next step at UP will be to work with our architects to design a temporary addition that will attach to the main building rather than standing alone. After we have schematic designs, we will work closely with the City of University Park regarding location and building requirements.

We to keep you up to date on our plans for next year, which will allow us to accommodate growth leading up to a possible bond issue in 2015.  
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