March 31, 2014
HPISD to require annual proof of residency


Dear HPISD Parents & Staff,


Beginning with the 2014-15 school year, Highland Park ISD will require an annual proof of residency for each student at every grade level. This is a standard practice in many other school districts, and it is intended to protect the taxpayers whose dollars pay for the excellent education our students receive.


Below is a Q&A detailing the process:


What proof of residency documents will be accepted? 

  • A water or electric bill with a billing date in June, July or August
  • A hard copy can be delivered to the student's campus, or a forwarded or scanned bill can be emailed to the appropriate campus
  • The student's name, campus and grade level must be written on the utility bill
  • A copy must be submitted for each student 

What is the window for providing documents?


Documents will be accepted during June, July and August and are due before the first day of school. 


Where should I deliver my proof of residency documents? 

  • Documents may be delivered or emailed to the appropriate campus.
  • When campuses are closed for the summer, documents may be delivered to the Administration Building during summer business hours. 

What is the consequence for non-compliance?


Students whose parents or legal guardians have not provided their documents by the first day of school will be contacted by the campus. They will be allowed up to a 30-calendar-day grace period to provide the annual proof of residency document. If the document is not received by the end of the 30-calendar-day grace period, the student will be withdrawn from school. 


How will parents and guardians be notified of this change? 

  • Parents will be notified through enewsletters and email messages during the spring semester.
  • There will be a reminder note in Back to School Sign Up mail outs.

What if I lease my residence and my lease expires during the school year?


This process remains unchanged. Prior to the lease expiration date, you will be required to supply all three required residency documents: the new or renewed lease, a current water or electric bill and a driver's license, all at the same address.  


What if I move within the district during the school year?


This process is also unchanged. Families who move within the school district during the school year will be required to supply all three required residency requirements: the new deed or lease, a current water or electric bill and a driver's license, all at the same address. 


What about families who move in during the school year?


Families who move in during the school year go through the entire enrollment process. Providing all three required proofs of residency, including a current water or electric bill, is a mandatory component in that process.


If at any time a student's residence is in question, HPISD will conduct an investigation and may require additional documents. We thank our parents, guardians and taxpayers for their support of this effort to verify the residency of all of our students.


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