Good News for the Crescent World

Prayer Is A Great Battlefield
March, 2012
Dearly Beloved,

Undoubtedly, there is a more responsiveness among Muslims today than before. The movement of the Spirit has given the Christian community more sympathy and less antipathy for Islam. But expectations of an outpouring of the Spirit on Christian witnesses and on Muslim hearers has a low priority. Many of us have engaged in the hard work of scraping the frost off a car, after a hard freeze, a tiresome job; but, when the sun arises, hard work becomes a pleasure as the frost is melted into moisture. There will be no outpouring of the Spirit without prayer and intercession. We need to put the whole armor of God, and wrestle in the trenches against all the powers of darkness. On our knees we are kings and priests in God's universe.

Please, join us this evening, 6.30 pm, on bended knees on behalf of the Muslims God has brought to our land.


The meetings will be held in the GNFCW offices, the first Thursday of every month at 6:30 PM. Please mark your calendar with these dates: March 1, April 5, May 3, June 7, July 5, August 2, September 6, October 4, November 1, and December 6.  




Johnny Elbitar