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October, 2012
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A Privilaege Or A Burden
25th Annual Fundraising Banquet
Ask Of Me And I Will Give
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 A Privilege Or A Burden
 The ultimate passion we have at GNFCW is to see Muslims coming to faith in Christ. This has not been an easy task. Everyone knows the strong immunity Muslims have against the Christian faith. Their ongoing resistance to the Gospel has pushed Christians, churches, and ministers away from treading this field for many years now. My story with Malek, however, taught me three simple principles which I would like to share with you. I pray it will help us to overcoming our frustration and sometimes our defeat in reaching Muslims. For many years, GNFCW has been praying for opportunities to share the Gospel with Muslims God has sent to our neighborhood. Our prayers, however, are not uncertain but specific. "Lord, send us to those whom you said will listen to your voice." (John 10:16). We have to remember that at the heart of witnessing to Muslims is the sovereignty of God. When we pray specifically, God is sovereign in leading us to Muslim friends like He did with Malek. The sovereignty of God and prayer do not mean, however, that we are not involved in God's work of bringing his people to Himself. After meeting Malek, I grasped every opportunity to share Christ with him. Despite his showing resistance at first, I am still amazed how fast the shackles that imprisoned him were breaking off under the conviction of God's word and His Spirit. Today, Malek is listening to the gospel and more willing than anytime before to trust Christ as Lord and Savior. Many ask why Muslims are not coming to faith in Christ. The answer is this; With little sowing there is always little reaping. But today, many Muslims are coming to faith in Christ world-wide just as Malek did. What is the secret? There are three simple principles that I learned along the years; First, pray specifically for people of peace. This means Muslims who are open to the Gospel. (Lu.5-7).
Second, with sowing there is always reaping. I witnessed how many times Malek came under the conviction of God's word and its power. I can see its friut in his life. (James 1:21). 
Third, despite their resistance God is sovereign to bring into His sheepfold all of His sheep including Muslims. (John. 17:10) We have to believe that God's sovereignty in reaching out to Muslims provides our supreme encouragement. If we believe that God owns, controls, and has authority over His creatures, then witnessing to Muslims becomes a privilege, rather than a burden. The last time I met with Malek, he asked whether he can come with me to church. The miracle is unfolding. It can happen in your life as well if you pray specifically, sow bountifully, and believe that God is sovereign in bringing them to confess His Son as their Lord and Savior.
25th Annual Fundraising Banquet
"From Rubble To Hope"

all our partners, friends and intercessors, Good News for the Crescent World would like to thank each one who attended our 25th Fundraising Dinner. GNFCW has always depended largely on God and those of you who are totally committed to His Kingdom and His purposes. Thank you for making that night possible and a successful one.  Without God and you coming alongside of us, the mission to Muslims can never be accomplished.
Ask Of Me And I Will Give
  Many times we read in Scriptures that our strength and fruitfulness depend upon our prayers. However, the enemy of our soul makes us believe that we can do more by our own efforts than by our prayers. Edward Payson is right when he says: "If we would do much for God, we must ask much of God; we must be men and women of prayer." Jesus said, "You have not asked in My name: ask, and you shall receive, that your joy may be fulfilled." (John 14:23). The ministry of GNFCW can move forward in the endeavor to win Muslims only when marching on bended knees. For this reason, GNFCW is hosting a monthly prayer meeting for the purpose of seeing Muslims coming to faith in Christ. The meetings will be held in the GNFCW offices the first Thursday of every month at 6:30 PM. Please mark your calendar with these dates: October 4, November 1, and December 6.

 Looking forward to seeing you, the Lord willing.

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October 26, 2012 Christian Mission Work Toward the Muslim World, Woodlake Baptist Church, 2015 E. Peters Colony Road, Carrollton, Texas 75007

January 5, 2013 Three Fold Training, GNFCW 1148 W. Pioneer Pkwy, Arlington TX 76013


February  2, 2013 Mission Month, Arlington Chinese Church, 805 Oakwood Ln, Arlington, TX 76012

Hosting seminars
Islam is on the rise and the church needs to be equipped to face this challenge. For this reason GNFCW is committed to train Christian leaders and laymen to carry out the task of evangelizing Muslims. GNFCW is specialized in hosting seminars that explain Muslim beliefs, their agenda in the United States and how to reach them for Christ. Please contact us by mail, phone or email if you would like us to host a seminar at your church or with your group.
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