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January, 2013
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God's Faithfulness In A Year
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"Remember the prisoners,, as though in prison with them, and
those who are ill-treated, since you yourselves also are in the body." Heb. 13:3



American Pastor Facing Hanging for His Faith Speaks From Prison

The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), which focuses on constitutional and human rights law, announced Thursday that American Pastor Saeed Abedini, a U.S. citizen being held in an Iranian prison because of his Christian faith, has told his family that he is being threatened with death.more..  
God's Faithfulness In A Year

  God, in His loving-kindness, made it possible for GNFCW to persevere and prevail in the mission of equipping the church and communicating the Gospel to the Muslims God has brought to us throughout 2012. We trust the Lord to show Himself strong and faithful to us in 2013 as well. He is worthy to receive all the glory and honor for He has done great things. At the same time, we want to acknowledge and appreciate our friends, supporters, intercessors, and volunteers, as this ministry would not be able to move forward without their love and care.  
                                   Highlights of 2012
  • More than ten field trips to the mosque. We believe through meeting Muslims on their own ground and interacting with them, three things may occur: First, we grasp a better understanding of Muslim beliefs so we can witness to them more effectively. Second, we break Muslim sterotypes which have created Islamophobia and neutralized the church from evangelizing our new neighbors. Third, we seize opportunities to witness to Muslims on site. More than 50 Christians attended those trips including many Seminary students. 
  •  Mission trip to Lebanon with Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Team.
  1. Distributed hundreds of New Testaments and tracts in predominantly Muslim areas.  
  2. The team has the names of 55 Muslims to whom they witnessed and for whom they will continue to pray.
  3. Witnessed to multitudes who never gave their name due to fear of exposure.
  4. Many Muslims prayed and trusted the Lord. The team, afterward, entrusted them to the Church in Lebanon.
  5. Due to the war and the flood of Syrians and Kurds into Lebanon, the team witnessed to many refugees on the streets of Lebanon.  
  6. Served with "Heart for Lebanon" ministry, packaging food and visiting the Iraqi refugees.
  7. Visited with a former Muslim pastor who oversees an underground Church of Muslim converts.  
  • GNFCW has added a new dimension to our Reaching Muslims for Christ seminars. Knowing the need for more hands-on opportunities for ministry, we started a new three-fold training program. It is our desire to help bridge the gap between Christians and Muslims by learning how to witness to Muslims; understanding Muslims through field trips to an area mosque to break stereotypes; and witnessing to Muslims by participating in a class ministry project.   
  • Many churches, Christian groups, and Sunday School classes hosted GNFCW for equipping, instructing, and motivating their people for witnessing among Muslims. Reformed Christian Ministry, a para-church mission, demonstrated great willingness to engage Muslims in their communities. About sixty persons from different ethnicities attended the seminar that took place at Woodlake Baptist Church. The theme of that evening was, "Muslims are not in America to destroy but to be reached."    
  •  A man of God said, "Satan laughs at our toiling, mocks at our wisdom, but trembles when we pray." In the endeavor to reach out to Muslims, GNFCW experienced that we can accomplish more by our prayers than by our efforts. For the last two years, we have hosted a monthly prayer meeting for that very purpose believing that in order to move Muslims toward God first we must move God toward Muslims by our prayers.    
  • The ultimate passion we have at GNFCW is to see Muslims coming to faith in Christ. After praying for Malek and sharing Christ with him, t
    oday, he is listening to the gospel and more willing than anytime before to trust Christ as Lord and Savior. God is using GNFCW in the lives of many Iraqi refugees just as with Malek.  
  • G
    NFCW held a Pastor's Luncheon at Arabic Christian Fellowship in Ft.Worth, TX. More than 20 area pastors attended the luncheon to learn more about GNFCW's mission to bring the Gospel to Muslims and how they and their churches can be a part of this ministry.  
  • GNFCW has partnered with 6 Stones for their Back Pack Event where they host large numbers of the community people and distribute hundreds of back-packs and school materials. Since hundreds of Muslims attend this community event, GNFCW had the opprtunity to witness and pray with many of them. We have also distributed Bibles and tracts written in a way that makes the Gospel message clear and comprehensible to the Muslim's heart and mind.

GNFCW is grateful to the Lord and our friends who made the ministry of GNFCW possible during 2012. In our next e-newsletter edition, we will share the tasks the Lord placed on our heart for 2013.  "With God all things are possible."

Upcoming Events


February  2, 2013 Mission Month, Arlington Chinese Church, 805 Oakwood Ln, Arlington, TX 76012

Hosting seminars
Islam is on the rise and the church needs to be equipped to face this challenge. For this reason GNFCW is committed to train Christian leaders and laymen to carry out the task of evangelizing Muslims. GNFCW is specialized in hosting seminars that explain Muslim beliefs, their agenda in the United States and how to reach them for Christ. Please contact us by mail, phone or email if you would like us to host a seminar at your church or with your group.
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