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February, 2012 
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What does it take to win Muslims to Christ?
And He wondered that there was no INTERCESSOR
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The United States Needs an Ambassador for Religious Freedom Now ?

Egyptian Copts murdered while at worship. The threat of religious extremists gaining political power in Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan, Yemen, and elsewhere in the Middle East.

The terrorist "Party of God" (Hezbollah) in control of Lebanese democracy. Catholics slaughtered at mass in Baghdad,


 What does it take to win Muslims to



Through the years as a part of GNFCW I have been asked continuously why Muslims are not coming to Christ. I answer that one of the basic reasons Muslims have not come to faith in Christ is that they have not heard of Christ, and they have not heard of Christ because missionaries have not gone to tell them about Christ. One of the basic reasons that missionaries have not gone to tell them about Christ is that the church has not seriously prayed to the Lord of the harvest to thrust out laborers into the Muslim fields.

Of course, many will say the calling to Islam is not a safe calling. But what about reaching the immigrant Muslims, or the second or third generation Muslims, who are sitting next to you in a class, living next door, or operating a gas station? Some may say, you are the experts, what are you doing to accomplish this task,  what is your strategy? For the last 24 years GNFCW vision has been and still is winning Muslims, one heart at a time; our mission is to utilize every means for that purpose, and our goal is to see the church of Jesus Christ rising up and getting involved in a broadly-based outreach to the Muslims God has sent into our midst. Have we reached that end yet? No, but we will keep on knocking, shaking or pushing on doors because if we keep on doing so, with God grace these doors will open. I know of missionaries among Muslims who could have aborted God's work because they had not seen instant results in their ministry. In their first fifteen years they did not see even one Muslim coming to faith in Christ, but they did not quit because they were called by God to be faithful. Between their fifteenth and twenty-third years hundreds of Muslims made decisions for Christ. Today, 4,500 people in that needy Muslim country are taking Bible correspondence courses because of their ministry. A church has been planted, comprised of Muslim converts with indigenous leaders. What if they had quit earlier? friends, it is going to take prayer, shaking some doors, perseverance and trusting in God to see the harvest coming to the Muslim world. There is no short cut to the Muslim heart. Quick, easy responses and immediate results are not the norm. What does it take to win Muslims? Only God's standard of faithfulness and long term commitment to the Great Commission is going to accomplish the task. There is no easy road to be trod and no simple fix to what lies ahead of us, but with God all things are possible. J.E.

And He Wondered that there was no



"Talking to men for God is a great thing," declared E. M. Bounds, "but talking to God for men is greater still."

Intercessory prayer is the highest form of prayer that engages in conflict with a million evils facing our nation and fellowmen. This is the first law; the second law is learning how to agonize for souls like the Master. In Hebrews, it says our Lord prayed with "... strong crying and tears." Gethesemane was the ocean floor of the deepest depth in the sea of agony. Jesus reached down to this place on our behalf. Here the Master's heart was broken as none have known. Here is where He stood in the gap and took the blow for us.

If we learn the law of identification and agony like the Lord, then we can understand the third law, authority. Intercessors move God. I believe wholeheartedly that one day we will find out that what was accomplished in the Kingdom of God was connected to an intercessor's prayer.


Please, join us at our office, Thursday October 20th, 2011 at 6.30 pm and be that intercessor that will stand in the gap for:

  • The salvation of Muslim people
  • God's choice for United States coming presidential election
  • God's protection for this nation against the tide of radical Islam
  • The persecuted church in Muslim countries, especially the Middle East
  • The involvement of the church in a broadly-based outreach to Muslims God has sent to us
  • A biblical approach of understanding and relating to Muslims as people for whom Christ died


Truly, intercession is our only means to hinder Satan's drive and release the authority of God in the affairs of Man and this nation. Someone said, "No greater gift could Man give society than bended knees." Our present world needs more than theology. It desperately needs kneeology.


Waiting for you on bended knees. J.E.


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October 26, 2011, Do Muslims Truly Have an Agenda to Invade the West , Lion's Club 6013 Craig Street Fort Worth, TX 76112


November 16, 2011, Is There An Easy Way to Win Muslims to Christ? Fielder Rd. Baptist Church, 2011 S Fielder Rd. Arlington, TX 76013

Hosting seminars
Islam is on the rise and the church needs to be equipped to face this challenge. For this reason GNFCW is committed to train Christian leaders and laymen to carry out the task of evangelizing Muslims. GNFCW is specialized in hosting seminars that explain Muslim beliefs, their agenda in the United States and how to reach them for Christ. Please contact us by mail, phone or email if you would like us to host a seminar at your church or with your group.
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