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After seven years as SAF's Executive Director Richard Lowe has decided to step down and pass the torch on to someone else. Both he and the Foundation's Board are delighted to announce that beginning January 1st, 2015 Pamela Blunt will be SAF's new Executive Director. Pamela, who recently joined the Board, brings with her many fine qualities and strengths. In addition to her many years as a Licensed Social Worker and involvement in another non-profit board she brings a keen intelligence, a warm heart and a deep dedication to the future of Sensory Awareness.


Pamela Blunt

Here is what Pamela has to say about herself and this upcoming transition:


  "I first experienced Sensory Awareness in the early 1980's, attending many local workshops and was fortunate enough to take a few workshops with Charlotte Selver herself.


  Since this work changes and deepens the experiencing of everything, everything that followed in my life and work was deeply influenced by it. During the ten years that I was a professional massage therapist and the twenty-two years that I have practiced psychotherapy as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, sensing has been a primary focus of how I connect to the people that I serve and what I have to offer them.


  Three years ago, I reconnected to studying Sensory Awareness intensively with Lee Klinger Lesser and other seasoned leaders. I was delighted to be invited to join the SAF board in February, 2014.


  I am honored to be asked to act as the Foundation's Executive Director. I am ready and willing to do whatever I can to carry this work forward, expand its visibility in the world, support those who offer it so beautifully, in so many ways.

The practical experience I bring comes from organizing and hosting large expressive arts events as well as 14 years as a board member of Central School Cooperative, a local non-profit artists' cooperative which is also the creative hub of my community, Bisbee, Arizona.


  Each non-profit is a unique world in and of itself. I am looking forward to becoming more deeply acquainted with the rich mix that is the Sensory Awareness community, and learning from all those who share this work, from the most seasoned of leaders and board members to the newest of workshop participants. I hope to connect to each of you with an open mind and heart and that together, we can continue to bring this work into the world, which sorely needs it."


Richard and Pamela will work together with Managing Secretary Sara Gordon in the months ahead and into 2015 to help ensure a smooth and supportive transition. Richard plans to stay involved with the SAF and hopes to devote more of his future time to his psychotherapy practice, leading groups in sensing, traveling and exploring other pursuits.





This year's SAF Spring Workshop gained the highest amount of positive feedback than we've ever had for one of these events. For those who are interested we are posting photos from it on a special workshop page on our website.    


         Yuka Vallambrosa 2014


             Photo credits: Stefan Laeng-Gilliatt   


Next spring our workshop will be again held at Vallombrosa Retreat Center in Menlo Park, CA. As you can see at the bottom of this page it will be on the weekend of May 1-3, 2015 and our title this time is Savoring the Moment. We hope you can join us. 





The SAF is very pleased to announce it will be offering a weekend workshop in October of 2015 at the Garrison Institute, about an hour north from New York City by train or car. It is hoped that this occasion will help rekindle connections between many old students and friends from the days when Charlotte Selver was teaching there, and in addition introduce many new East Coast students to this work. It is further hoped that this event may ultimately develop into an annual East Coast event. Stay tuned for future news about this exciting development. 





The SAF has been helping support the translation and publication into Japanese of "Waking Up". This book, comprised of excerpts from many of Charlotte Selver's classes, was lovingly assembled and edited by Bill Littlewood and Mary Alice Roche based upon an earlier version by Ben Weaver. This will serve as the only in print book about Sensory Awareness in Japanese. Many thanks to Judyth Weaver and Yuka Saito for all their efforts in bringing this about. It is on track to be published before the end of this year. 



Again as in the last few years the SAF will offer its annual Spanish speaking workshop in Mexico. This event brings together many of our Mexican leaders along with a few Spanish speaking ones from the U.S. Here in Spanish is the information:  

San Juan del Río, Querétaro, México

Rancho El 7
November 21-23, 2014
Despertando tus sentidos
Líderes: Pat Baxter, Mercedes López, Fanny Morell y Tony Osornio
Contact: Mariela Valdes email
celular: (04455) 2315-0572  




The Foundation continues to help promote and support Honoring the Path of the Warrior (HPW), a program that uses Sensory Awareness in helping promote the emotional healing of returning war veterans. An article about HPW recently appeared in the New York Times ( click here to read it) . You can also find a link on our Facebook page to hear Camille Conte's wonderful interview with leader and HPW Executive Director Lee Klinger Lesser click here for our Facebook page.

The Foundation is pleased to support HPW as well as to encourage others to contribute in whatever way they can. We also hope to be able to soon share with you how Sensory Awareness has been of particular benefit to the veterans in this program. 



The cost of our basic membership has not increased in over 30 years and an increase is long, long overdue. Our Foundation is a small organization that is attempting to do more and more to promote this work in a world that definitely needs it. The SAF really depends on the generous support for those who value this work. For these reasons the Board has decided to raise our basic annual membership to $100 ($50 for those on low income) and asks you to contribute beyond that if you are able.

SAF's Board very much values your input. Here's how to contact us directly:


Richard Lowe        Sara Gordon 

Sara Bragin                    Carol Buck 

Ray Fowler                         Len Shemin 

Eugene Tashima                     Michael Atkinson    

Pamela Blunt  







The SAF has gained certification to offer educational credits to massage therapists, body workers, psychotherapists, social workers and nurses, so more professionals are getting introduced to this work. 

 SAF's public workshops and ongoing classes are helping introduce new people to this work and are building up a growing group of returnees.

The Foundation hosts an annual leaders' conference which provides a valuable way to bring leaders together to deepen their connection and explore ways they can help carry the legacy of this study forward. Out of these meetings the leaders have been able to develop and strengthen their own professional association: the Sensory Awareness Leaders' Guild.

The Foundation continues to develop its website to help promote leaders' classes and workshops, and is planning to offer a Members Only web page featuring newly available audio and video of Charlotte Selver and other leaders.  

The Foundation sponsors annual Spanish-speaking workshops in Mexico. These workshops bring Spanish speaking leaders to work together as colleagues.

The SAF continues to develop a center for this work in the San Francisco Bay Area where reasonably priced weekly classes can be offered nearly year round. 

The Foundation is working on a series of high quality DVDs of Charlotte Selver leading classes to post on Youtube and on our SAF website, and plans to do the same with videos of other leaders' work. 



Vallombrosa Retreat Center, Menlo Park, CA, May 1-3, 2015
 With Leaders from the Sensory Awareness Leaders' Guild

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