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You can now go to our website to find the most updated information on workshops or classes in your area. The Foundation's website has been recently enhanced so that members of the Sensory Awareness Leaders' Guild will now update their own workshop and class information on the leaders' page. Just scroll down the list to find your area.

Our appreciation goes to Michael Atkinson the President of the Leaders' Guild for spearheading this effort.


Starting January 1st  I'll be stepping into Richard Lowe's rather large shoes as Executive Director.


Richard has been a wonderful mentor these last 6 months. His kindness, sense of humor and patience are deeply appreciated. Under his leadership our Board has been dramatically changed. Instead of the previous in person Board meetings in Northern California, Richard saw the importance of including the skills and ideas from a much wider area. Thus the Board was expanded to include members outside California with Board meetings by conference call, and face-to-face Board retreats scheduled every two years. These changes have enlivened the board with new energy and ideas.


Following the strategic plan developed at the first of these retreats, the Board focused its efforts on offering SAF workshops which would be led by a variety of teachers. The strategy being to not only help introduce Sensory Awareness to the public, but to also bring many Sensory Awareness leaders together to help strengthen their bonds and help facilitate in the further evolution of their Leaders' Guild. As a result of this the Guild has experienced a rebirth in vitality and a growth in membership and a greater clarity of structure.

Richard has helped establish Sensory Awareness as a credible and vital source of Continuing Education Units for professionals so that the SAF can now offer CEUs to Marriage and Family Therapists, Social Workers, and Nurses in California and to Massage Therapists and other body workers, nationwide. This means that many Leader's Guild members are now able to provide CEUs for the workshops they offer, helping them to attract new students.


Richard's dedication to this work is clear. He was the founder and first president of the Sensory Awareness Leader's Guild (SALG); with Stefan Laeng-Gilliatt, he co-edited Sensory Awareness: Reclaiming Vitality and Presence; has served as Executive Director of the SAF for seven years now; and over the years has been one of its major donors. Fortunately for me, he intends to continue to serve on the board of the SAF and to be my close consultant.


As Richard often says whenever I comment on his achievements: "I couldn't have done any of it without Sara." --(Meaning Sara Gordon, Secretary and Treasurer of the SAF). I am very grateful to have Sara Gordon as a partner in this endeavor. 16 years ago, Charlotte Selver asked Sara to take on this responsibility because she trusted her. I am so grateful for her knowledge and training in the core bones of the foundation, which is essential if we are to survive.


I plan to build on the wonderful legacy created by Richard and by Stefan before him; by Sara Gordon, and all the Board members over the years, as well as the input of many of the leaders in this work.



I hope you'll join me in welcoming Pamela Blunt as our new Executive Director. Pam brings many good strengths and qualities to the position. I believe this will mark an important positive new chapter for the Foundation, and I'm quite happy and confident in passing the baton on to her. It's a good time for some fresh leadership, and I know she will do a great job.


I will remain on the Board advising Pam when needed, but will be focusing my time and energy more on my private psychotherapy practice, offering classes in Sensory Awareness, and exploring other interests as well.


It is with a sense of gratitude as I reflect on the seven years I have served in this position. It has been an inspiring privilege to witness how deeply this work touches people and how passionate and dedicated they can be to it.


I wish to thank the members of our dynamic, energetic and selfless Board for all they have done, and are doing, to help promote the future of this wonderful practice. Working together over the last few years we have done much to help enhance its sustainability so that it can touch the lives of more and more people throughout the world.


I am also thankful for those special friends of this work who donate to the Foundation. Your generosity gives the SAF hope and encouragement in its efforts to keep Charlotte Selver's legacy of teaching alive and growing. Our Foundation is the only organization striving towards these ends, and without the ongoing support of folks like you, the potential growth of this important study will be greatly lessened.  


Lastly, I am most appreciative of the warm and seemingly tireless support and wise counsel of Sara Gordon, without whom the job would have been much more difficult and far less fun.



Our 2014 SAF Spring Workshop at Vallombrosa Retreat Center in Menlo Park, California was a great success, and the SAF will again return to Vallombrosa May 1-3 for our 2015 workshop. With a main focus on deepening the process of savoring our main session topics will be:
Arriving Here and Now
Quieting the Mind, Awakening the Senses
Delighting in What is
Allowing Fuller Inner and Outer Connection
and  Nurturing Sensory Awareness in Your Daily Life

For those who are interested we have posted photos from our 2014 workshop  on a special workshop page on our website.      



Photo credits: Stefan Laeng-Gilliatt 













The SAF is excited to be offering a weekend workshop on October 9-11, 2015 at the Garrison Institute located about an hour north from New York City by train or car. The sessions offered in this workshop will be led by teachers from the U.S. and Europe. You can learn more about the Garrison Institute by going to its website. We will be sending you more information about this workshop in the months ahead.

In addition to introducing many new people to Sensory Awareness we expect this occasion will help rekindle connections between many  former students and friends from the days when Charlotte Selver was teaching on the East Coast, and . We also hope that this event may ultimately develop into an annual East Coast event.



We are very pleased to announce the recent publication of Waking Up in Japan.

Waking Up in Japanese

This book, originally comprised of excerpts from transcripts from Charlotte Selver's classes, was lovingly assembled and edited by Bill Littlewood and Mary Alice Roche based upon an earlier version by Ben Weaver.   


We are most grateful to Judyth Weaver and Yuka Saito for all their good work in translating this into Japanese and then bringing it into publication.  


The Foundation continues to help promote and support Honoring the Path of the Warrior (HPW), a program that uses Sensory Awareness in the emotional healing of returning war veterans. An article about HPW recently appeared in the New York Times ( click here to read it) . You can also find a link on our Facebook page to hear Camille Conte's wonderful interview with leader and HPW Executive Director Lee Klinger Lesser click here for our Facebook page

The Foundation is pleased to support HPW as well as to encourage others to contribute in whatever way they can. We also hope to be able to soon share with you how Sensory Awareness has been of particular benefit to the veterans in this program. 



For over 30 years our foundation's  membership dues have not increased. Some increase has been clearly way overdue. Because of this, the Board has decided it is necessary to raise our basic annual membership to $100 ($50 for those on low income). If you haven't done so already, please renew your membership now, either online through our website or by mail.

Please also consider making a donation in addition to your membership dues when you are able. The Foundation is a small organization that needs the support of its friends to keep moving ahead in its promotional and educational efforts.

Please help us support the future of Sensory Awareness.



The Foundation is now certified to offer educational credits to massage therapists, body workers, psychotherapists, social workers and nurses, thus introducing more professionals to this study. 

 SAF's workshops and ongoing classes are helping attract new people to this work and are building up a growing group of returnees.

The Foundation hosts an annual leaders' conference which provides a valuable way to bring leaders together to deepen their connection and explore ways they can help carry the legacy of this study forward. Out of these meetings the leaders have been able to strengthen and further develop their own professional association: the Sensory Awareness Leaders' Guild.

We continue to develop our website to help promote leaders' classes and workshops, and have recently created a Members Only web page featuring newly available audio and video of Charlotte Selver and other leaders.  

The Foundation sponsors annual Spanish-speaking workshops in Mexico which bring Spanish speaking leaders to work together as colleagues.

The SAF continues to develop a center for this work in the San Francisco Bay Area where reasonably priced weekly classes can be offered nearly year round. 

The Foundation is working on developing a series of high quality DVDs of Charlotte Selver leading classes to post on Youtube and on our SAF website, and plans to do the same with videos of other leaders' work. 



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