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October 2012
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Boardroom Dedication
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Recipe for Independence
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Eileen Durkin
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From Eileen Durkin
President & CEO


Dear Friends of C4,


We've just completed Worldwide Mental Health Awareness Week, which reminds us that improving mental health and fighting stigma is truly global. Increasingly, we are recognizing that mental health is a public health issue of concern to us all.


Here at C4, we are working hard to help move people with chronic mental illness out of nursing homes into the community, efforts that are funded by the Williams Consent Decree.  

So far, we have helped 30 adults find new homes and begin a life of newfound independence.

One woman living with bi-polar disorder who settled into her own Rogers Park apartment after being a nursing home resident for two decades talked about the difference in her life.


"I'm now living life on my own terms," she observed. "There's no loud speaker blaring and telling me what to do and when to do it."


This is perfect testimony to our core belief that people can and do recover better in the community.

Thank you for helping us make this happen.


Best wishes,



C4 Dedicates
Ruth B. Milavetz Boardroom 

The Weilands in new boardroom
 Richard and Karen Weiland pose with portrait of Ruth B. Milavetz   


C4's new boardroom was formally dedicated

September 11 to the memory of long time board member and staunch supporter Ruth Berman Milavetz.


The new boardroom was built thanks to a $15,000 gift from Milavetz' daughter Karen Weiland  and her son-in-law Richard.


Milavetz represented Temple Emmanuel on the community coalition  that laid the groundwork for the Edgewater Uptown Community Mental Health Center, which became Community Counseling Centers  of Chicago in 1972.


"Ruth was a true hero and early leader in community mental health," observed former CEO Tony Kopera, who worked with Milavetz for more than two decades. "She was always an advocate for those in need and never afraid to voice her opinion or ask hard questions. " 


Milavetz died in 2007 at the age of 89.


"This is a beautiful room for a beautiful lady," board member Frank Alschuler told family members and staff gathered for the dedication. "Ruth would be pleased."

C4 on WTTW


Staff therapist Frank Borunda was recently interviewed by WTTW for a web article on adolescent depression and  how parents can help.


"The best thing for parents to do is to engage the child or adolescent and see if they are willing to talk to them about what's going on. Having an open door policy is key," Borunda advises parents who suspect their child may be depressed. 


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young adults at stove
Ike and Dean preparing french toast.
Young Adults Learn Recipe for Independence

Move over Rachel Ray! C4's young adults are cooking up a storm. Begun in July, the Young Adult and Healthy Living Group meets twice a week to food shop, cook and yes, eat the delectable meals they create.

So far, the group has dished up pizza, tacos, enchiladas, turkey burgers and french toast. One day last summer, the group met at Montrose Harbor to  grill a seafood shish-ka-bob.

Frank Borunda, who supervises the group with Joe Bussle, says the ultimate goal is to increase independent living skills by developing not only cooking expertise, but also a healthy lifestyle.

"We  talk about mindful eating tips, how to shop for healthy alternatives to fattening food, and the importance of being physically active," he says.

Trips to Aldis also help  members budget the $50 allotted for ingredients for each meal.

Besides teaching skills, the cooking class also gives members confidence in the kitchen.

"After cooking here, I had enough confidence to go home and cook eggplant for my mom," observes Priscilla.

Some friendships have also been inspired. Dean and Nick now meet outside of class to play a round of Dungeons and Dragons.

"It's  great  for socialization," says Bussle.

Celebrate C4 Artists !
Expressive art has always played a major role in our services. This fall, we are proud that  our C4 artists are participating in citywide exhibits that celebrate creativity and the power of art to heal.

art on display
20 Neighborhoods: 
Woman Made Gallery: 
Thru Oct. 31

FIve members of our Mujeres Talentosas art group have work on display at this exhibit that is part of Chicago Artists Month685 N. Milwaukee, Chicago. Call 312 738-0400. Admission Free 

Save the Dates!

October 22- November 4:

Stories of Survival: Healing through the Arts
An exhibition in recognition of Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Northeastern Illinois University, 3701 W. Bryn Mawr, Chicago
For more information contact 773 334-7173

Learn More

 red quilt
Saturday, November 3
Silent Voices Speak
Berger Park Cultural Center,
6205 Sheridan Road, Chicago
Noon to 4 pm

A sale of original arts and crafts sponsored by C4 Drop-in Center Writers' Workshop

Proceeds will help publish anthology featuring work of C4 writers and artists.
For more information, phone:

Community Counseling Centers of Chicago (C4)
4740 N. Clark
Chicago, Il 60640

773.769.0205 Crisis Line and All Services

Offering hope and healing to 10,000 adults and children every year.