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Small Business of The Year Award
Arlington, VA - May 13, 2010 - Fur-Get Me Not was presented with the 2010 Service Small Business of the Year Award from the Arlington Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday, May 11 at the 24th Annual Arlington Best Business Awards celebration.
The prestigious ABBIES awards are presented to businesses that consistently provide outstanding quality of service and products, have achieved significant growth or stability over the lifetime of their business and display industry leadership. All ABBIES winners focus on giving back to the community and making Arlington a better place to live and work.

Present to accept the award was Fur-Get Me Not Owner & President, Tammy Rosen.  "As an Arlington business owner, resident, and Mom, I am very proud to accept this award.  When I started this business 10 years ago, I had a simple desire: to do something I was passionate about.  What I discovered was that when you like what you do, it becomes infectious.  I could not have imagined the size and scope the company would evolve to become. As so many small business owners can attest, building a business from the ground up is no small feat.  There are challenges that throw you off course but through them all I've stayed focused on open, honest communication with my customers and employees.  And as the business moves forward, I'm facing perhaps my biggest challenge of all - how to balance a business with two small kids in diapers."

"I am honored that our business was recognized this year.  There are so many wonderful, thriving businesses in Arlington County that it is truly an honor to be declared in this light.  As Fur-Get Me Not continues to grow, we will continue to uphold the values of the ABBIES by supporting the local community and creating a strong local economy."

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Arlington Chamber of Commerce press release
About Fur-Get Me Not
Tammy Rosen founded Fur-Get Me Not in 2000 as a small pet sitting business operating out of their home.  By 2003, the company had grown to 25 employees and it was time to expand. Finding a great location in Arlington, they opened a dog daycare and have continued to expand service offerings which now include dog daycare, boarding, dog walking, pet sitting, and dog training. The company's most recent expansion includes bringing Tammy's husband, Steve Rosen, on board as the new VP of Customer and Business Development and the purchase of a do-it-yourself dog wash in Adams Morgan.  Now with two offices in Arlington, VA and Washington, DC, and over 80 employees serving over 5,500 customers Fur-Get Me Not is consistently recognized for quality services and friendly, professional staff that make it all happen receiving "Best Of" awards from Washingtonian and Northern Virginia magazines.  For more information visit www.furgetmenot.com
About the Arlington Chamber of Commerce
Founded in 1924, the Arlington Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary, non-profit organization of over 1,800 business and professional people committed to the economic and civic well being of the community.
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