Power Lines E-Newsletter
Issue #135, March 2016
Should You Report Momentary Outages?
Our electricity distribution system is protected by special devices called reclosers. When faults occur, reclosers de-energize the lines to protect customers and equipment. Sometimes, faults are caused by falling tree limbs or other issues that resolve themselves. 

The reclosers will wait a few moments after de-energizing a line and then try to re-energize it. If the fault is cleared, the line will stay energized. If not, the reclosers will de-energize the line again. 

When reclosers operate, you'll see momentary interruptions in your power. If the power comes back on and stays on, you don't need to call us. The reclosers have done their job. 
Nominate Someone Fabulous
for the 2016 My Fair Lady Court
The 2015 My Fair Lady Court. Front Row: Princess Carol Davis, Vernonia; Princess Sandy Davis, Clatskanie; Back Row: Princess Amy Everman, Rainier; Princess Eleanor Hansen, Scappoose; Queen Dena Chesney, St. Helens.
Do you know a fabulous senior woman who volunteers in our community? If you do, please nominate her for the 2016 My Fair Lady Court. Nominations are due April 8, 2016. 

The My Fair Lady pageant is held during the Columbia County Fair each year and honors senior women for outstanding community service. The PUD has sponsored the My Fair Lady Pageant since 1991 in conjunction with the Retired Senior Volunteer Program and Columbia River Fire and Rescue. Nomination forms are available at the RSVP office in St. Helens, or on our website at www.crpud.net/myfairlady. 
PUD to Receive FEMA Storm Reimbursement

Columbia River PUD is one of several local public agencies that will receive reimbursement from FEMA for expenses related to the December 2015 landslides, flooding and power outages caused by heavy rains and high winds. The PUD incurred about $550,000 in damages, and the FEMA reimbursement will cover up to 75% of qualifying expenses.  

Call Before You Dig
Low-Cost Heating System Upgrades for Income-Qualified Customers
If you're living on a limited income, improving your heating system might be too expensive for your budget. Maybe we can help. Our low-income pilot project provides a $3,800 rebate for new ductless heat pump system installations for qualifying homeowners. This rebate will cover a significant portion of the cost of the system. 

Customers who meet state income guidelines and own their own manufactured homes may qualify. Visit our website or call our Energy Experts at (503) 366-5470 for more information about program eligibility. If more than 10 qualified homeowners apply, funding will be awarded on a lottery basis.