Power Lines E-Newsletter
Issue #134, February 2016
Enter Our Calendar Photo Contest
Gunners Lake. Photo by Josh Riggs
You are invited to enter the 2017 PUD calendar photo contest. The calendar features scenic photographs that are taken in Columbia County. Anyone may enter the contest. Entry forms and contest details are available at www.crpud.net/calendar. 
Pay Stations Changing
The PUD's pay stations in St. Helens are changing.
Semlings Pharmacy has closed, and US Bank will stop taking payments as of March 31, 2016. 

The PUD's pay stations at Bank of the West and St. Helens Community Federal Credit Union remain open for customers who prefer this payment method. See all of our payment options. 
How Much Does the Weather Affect Your PUD Bill?

Cold weather can raise your heating bills, especially if your house isn't weatherized

When the temperature drops your heating system works harder to keep you comfortable, even if you don't change the temperature setting.

We have tips to help keep your bills low when it's cold outside. Visit www.crpud.net/coldweather or call (503) 366-5470 for details.

Get Equal Monthly Payments:
Sign Up for our Budget Pay Plan 
Would you like to take the guesswork out of your PUD payment? Sign up for Budget Pay and you'll pay the same amount each month, year-round. To switch to the Budget Pay plan you need a $0 balance on your account and at least 12 months of account history. 

New Budget Pay plans are set up in March only, so if you'd like to switch give Customer Accounts a call at (503) 397-0590 or email custsvc@crpud.org today.

To learn more, visit www.crpud.net/budgetpay

Utility Engineering Internship Applications Available
Our Utility Engineering Internship Program offers engineering students a chance to learn about utility careers through direct work experience. This year, we plan to hire one summer intern in our engineering department. 

You may apply if you live in our service area and you are a high school senior or college student majoring in engineering. 

Visit www.crpud.net/internship for an application packet.  Applications are due by 5:00 PM on March 4, 2016.

Fall in Love with Lower Water Heating Costs  
What if we told you you could save up to 67% on your water heating costs? A heat pump water heater might save you that much.

We offer rebates of up to $500 for qualifying models, and state tax credits are available too. 

If you'd like a better relationship with your water heater, visit www.crpud.net/hpwh or contact our Energy Experts at (503) 366-5470.
Use a GenerLink Transfer Switch to Operate Your Generator Safely
Woman plugging in GenerLink
Standby generators are helpful during outages, but if connected improperly they can send electricity onto the power lines, seriously injuring or killing our linemen who are working to restore power. 

A GenerLink Transfer Switch keeps that from happening, and makes using a generator more convenient.  

Visit www.crpud.net/generlink or call (503) 366-5470 to learn more.