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I had just drafted an article on crisis communications when Paris was hit with several terrorist attacks. Every tourism-related company or association needs a crisis communications plan.  Read some of my timely tips below.

With winter upon us, I wanted to share my outlook on the upcoming travel season, which appeared in

Lastly, we've included some basic hints on how you can mobile optimize your content.  And, if you didn't catch last spring's KABC-TV interview on emergency medical evacuation that we arranged for the US Travel Insurance Association, you'll find a link below.

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Winter Travel OutlookWinterTravel
I was recently asked by to forecast winter travel. In my article on winter travel, I discuss current and upcoming trends and what we can expect for winter travel this year.
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Crisis Communications: Are you prepared?CrisisComm

No organization is immune to crisis.  It could be a terrorist event, a hotel fire, a natural disaster that halts air transportation, a disease outbreak that causes panic, or civil unrest that mars a vacation experience.  These are only some examples. A crisis can occur at any place, any time. 
Here are some guidelines to help you communicate in the line of fire.
When a crisis hits:
  • Keep your cool.  Avoid knee-jerk reactions and be prepared to wait out possible media opportunities until you have the information you need.
  • Anticipate media questions and answers
  • Establish a communications chain of command to funnel information internally as events unfold.
  • Designate appropriate spokespeople and make sure your responses and messaging are consistent.
  • Prepare message points for your spokesperson(s)

Photo: Stefan W via flickr
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Did you catch us on TV? LKonTV

Watch the KABC-TV segment on travel insurance that we arranged on behalf of the US Travel Insurance Association.  

Here I am with consumer reporter, Ric Romero, at John Wayne International Airport.
3 Ways to Mobile-Optimize Your Website

Is your website fully optimized for mobile devices? According to the Washington Post, using large text, well-spaced links, and mobile-friendly plug-ins will help increase your rankings in search results. This is especially important with 60% of web traffic coming from mobile devices!
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