Mini T Line Strainer Design

Mini T Strainer Design 
Banjo is introducing a new and improved Mini T strainer design. Banjo's new design comes equipped with 1/4" mounting tubes and a better sealing point that helps block debris. Additionally, the new designs have increased pressure ratings to 300 psi. These improvements are for all three Mini-T strainer sizes (", , and 1").

Manifold Mini T Strainer
Banjo is excited to debut a new 1" Mini T Strainer series with manifold flange connections. This version incorporates the same design improvements noted above for increasingly popular manifold connection systems.

ISO Standard 19732-2007
Banjo is changing the coloring scheme on our line strainer screens in accordance with ISO standard 19732-2007. This new color coding will align our screen colors to the colors used within the ISO standard.  At the same time, Banjo will print the part number and the mesh size on the plastic rib for quick and easy identification
The conversion to the new line strainer screen colors is dependent on our current inventory levels of screens. The LST line of part numbers are expected to transition  through June 2016.
See the chart below for color conversions.

Please note that colors can differ slightly depending on the display or printer. Please visit for a complete RAL color coding chart. 
Mesh screens that are affected by the ISO standard color changes are LS1##, LS2##, LS7##, LST1##, LST15##, LST5## part numbers.
We appreciate your patience as we make this required change. If you have any questions, please contact Banjo at 765-362-7367 or at