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June 2014
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Welcome to our Banjo Newsletter! 
The Newsletter is designed to bring you timely news and product hi-lights so you can be better informed when making decisions on how best to handle liquid.  The Newsletter will complement our annual printed catalogue and our continually updated website
Through this newsletter we hope to gain your valuable feedback so we can continue to make our products and solutions the very best they can be.  Simply click on the 'Contact Us Link' to the left and let us know.  Thank you for your support, continued interest, and patronage of Banjo Liquid Handling Products.
Banjo Team

Don't miss out on this Patented Boot Protector
Introducing 3" Full Port Polypropylene Dry-Mate 

Have you ever spilled chemicals on a new pair of boots? 

One of the best kept secrets in moving hazardous agriculture and industrial chemicals is Banjo's patented Dry-Mate System. The Dry-Mate is designed for safe and easy, spill-free connections. Imagine taking the guess work out of connecting and disconnecting. Imagine keeping your hands, clothes, and boots free of unwanted spillage.  And imagine not draining expensive chemicals on the ground.


Dry-Mate features include:

  • Patented double ball valve design combines unrestricted flow with simple operation.  The handles interlock making it easy to identify which handle opens or closes first.
  • The over center clamps are easy, quick and positive engagement of the Dry-Mate components.  The clamps are easily replaceable if damaged, and can even be replaced while the Dry-Mate is in service, but not clamped together.
  • The female has a groove that mate to a rib on the male to provide correct alignment between the two halves.  The two halves may be rotated 20 degrees either direction with respect to each other and still be clamped together and function properly.
  • The Dry-Mate Series has many safety features to prevent accidental spillage.  Both handles have interlock buttons, which prevent the balls from accidently being opened when the halves are separated.  The female has a locking yoke that keeps the clamps in the locked position when the couplers are connected and the handle is rotated in the open position.  This prevents the assembly from being separated when opened. 
  • Depending on size (1-3), available in NPT thread, BSP thread, and Manifold Connection Design.  FKM (viton type) seals.  Maximum operating pressure 100 P.S.I. @70F or 75 P.S.I. @150F.
Introducing 2" Super Manifold Polypropylene Self-Priming Centrifugal Pump

Banjo's standard pump just became SUPER!

Now with high performance impeller for a maximum flow of 255 gallons per minute. 

Pump features include:
    *  Precision molded construction.
    *  Lightweight and corrosion
    *  Low maintenance, so you are not experiencing delays and          costly repairs.
    *  EPDM standard seals and FKM (viton type) available.  

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