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Colorado Health Institute is offering a free webinar on Health Policy and the 2014 Colorado Legislature on Thursday June 5th from 12:00-1:00pm.  To register, click on the following link https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/502474601.

The Colorado Department of Human Services is celebrating World Refugee Day in Colorado throughout the month of June with a variety of events.  Click on the following link for more information http://www.colorado.gov/cs/Satellite/CDHS-SelfSuff/CBON/1251580884704

Aurora Mental Health Center
is offering
Mental First Aid classes for both adults and kids, June 11th and 25th, respectively.  Time for both dates is 8:00-5:00pm, no lunch provided.  Cost is $25 per person.  For further information and for the registration link, visit http://www.aumhc.org/events.html.

Walk2Connect has partnered with Colorado Heart Healthy Solutions to offer Aurora Walking Trips.  It's a great opportunity for all ages to explore the community of Aurora.  Upcoming dates include June 7th, 12th and 21st.  Please visit http://walk2connect.com/event/auroramay24/ for further details and registration information.

Tri-County Health Department is sponsoring its annual summer Health and Produce Fairs starting Friday, June 27th from 9:00-11:00am.  St. Therese Church, 1243 Kingston, Aurora.  Only fresh produce will be distributed.  Residents will learn about Aurora's health resources.  Please contact Rich McLean at 303-884-6751 with questions or to volunteer.
PeopleHouse offers low cost and pro bono counseling through their Affordable Counseling Program to Veterans and their families.  For more information, please visit http://www.peoplehouse.org/.

Aurora Strong Resiliency Center offers free yoga classes Thursday nights at 5:30 pm.  For further information, please visit http://720recovery.com/home.html.


Goodwill Denver
is currently looking for an Employment Specialist in Arapahoe County.  For a complete job description or to apply, visit https://careers.goodwilldenver.org/careers/.

Colfax Community Network has an opening for an Outreach Assistant.  For more information on this position, please contact Mary Pritchard at mary@colfaxcommunitynetwork.org.



Mark your calendars! AHA's next Quarterly Community Meeting will be held July 16th from 2:30 to 4:30 pm.  Note the location for this meeting will be in the Akron and Clinton Meeting Rooms at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Library. 





Health Access: Pediatric Access Workgroup


AHA operates through workgroups, charged with addressing issues related to access to health care services in Aurora.  The Pediatric Access Work Group was formed in 2012 and accepted the charge to "increase access to medical homes, improve health outcomes, and reduce emergency department visits for children in North Aurora."  We convened over 40 organizations for strategic planning and created smaller working groups that put elements of the plan in place, which included these activities and resources:

A database of medical homes serving children in North Aurora, suitable for navigators, community organizations, or others to assist families in selecting a medical home, was created which will be hosted on the Aurora Health Access web site.


A database describing resources available for families in North Aurora to help with psycho-socio-economic barriers to good health and health care is being developed by the Field's Foundation.


The medical homes serving children in North Aurora agreed to expand their hours and to strengthen intra-communications to keep children in their medical home. 


Culturally appropriate educational materials

(for example a Novella) are being developed that describe what a medical home can do, how to appropriately utilize one, and how to get help in selecting a medical home. These will be made available at no charge to all organizations.   


Neighborhood-based Navigators (in existing community organizations and new ones) will be trained in child-specific navigation by the Field's Foundation, the Colorado School of Public Health, and Colorado Children's Healthcare Access program (CCHAP) to assist  families in accessing a medical home and addressing psycho-socio-economic needs that influence health outcomes.   


For families without a medical home, telephone care advice for illness or injury as well as assistance in selecting a medical home will be provided by The Children's Hospital Nurse Advice Line (Parent Smart).


The Nurse Case Manager in the Emergency Department (ED) at Children's Hospital will assist families to find a medical home.  The ED staff  will  promote the concept of medical homes, distribute educational materials, and the Parent Smart phone number to families without a medical home.   


A final meeting of the Pediatric Workgroup will be organized this summer to finalize and celebrate these accomplishments. Let us know if you would like to be included. 


Workgroup Co-Chairs Maisha Pollard, Fields Foundation and Steven Poole, MD, Colorado Children's Healthcare Access Program (CCHAP)  

AHA Member Spotlight:
Aurora Mental Health Center  

  Aurora Mental Health Center (AuMHC), is a private, nonprofit  

 community mental health center providing mental health and  

 substance abuse services to more than 16,000 people annually.   

 These services are provided in 18 specialty clinics located in 10  

 counseling and specialized service centers, eight residential  

 facilities, 27 public schools, two county departments of human  

 services, homes and foster homes, other community locations and adult and youth correctional facilities. Services include intensive outpatient programs, day treatment, school and home-based services, residential care and consultation for children, families, adults, elderly, and those with developmental disabilities and concurrent mental illness.  They also reach out to the community to provide information and support on a wide variety of topics, such as Mental First Aid.    


AuMHC is committed to helping individuals live a full and rewarding life, free of the debilitating effects of mental illness.  They do this by providing quality preventative education, the right clinical care when needed, and by teaching coping and life management skills that enable people in all circumstances to control their attitudes, emotions, behaviors and their lives.   


More information is available at http://www.aumhc.org/
Information and emergency support
is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling 303-617-2300.



Behavioral Health Interest Group:  Based on member input, AHA is working with AuMHC to form an interest group focused on access to services, early intervention, and community education.  The group plans to hold an exploratory meeting in July and will meet monthly thereafter for no more than an hour.  If interested in participating, please contact Denise at ddenton@aurorahealthaccess.org.  



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