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Speak Up for Kids at the State Capitol on March 13th! 

March 15th Insurance Enrollment Event.  


Power Yoga -- Beginner Classes for Refugee Women.  

     Hot off the presses at HCPF, "Beginning March 1, 2014, children enrolled and those who newly qualify, will remain covered by Medicaid or CHP+ for twelve months even if their family's income or household size changes. Children applying for coverage and currently enrolled children do not need to take action; 12 month continuous coverage will be automatically applied. "
     Kids Clinics at Crawford and Laredo School now providing dental, mental and physical health services. 
Check it out here.

AURORA KIDSWELL:  Team Aurora left the starting gate on Feb. 26, when City staff and  AHA partners met for the first of three working sessions. Participants offered great ideas for reaching and motivating families of eligible but not enrolled kids to apply for and use coverage. The groups will meet again on March 26 and April 30 to develop a business plan for community outreach. It's not too late for you to join in this important initiative; email   
April 16 -Next AHA Quarterly   MEETING   2:00 - 4:30 pm
Aurora Strong Resilience Center
1298 Peoria

Meeting Highlights:
1.  Introduction of Denise Denton, Executive Director of AHA
2.  Annual election of members of the Board of Directors and officers. Interested in serving on the Board?  Please email your resume to
3.  Update on the KidsWell Initiative.



Meet Denise Denton,

 AHA's Executive Director


     The Board of Aurora Health Access is very pleased to welcome Denise Denton as its Executive Director, effective March 3.  We are delighted that all of our partners will have the opportunity to work with this extraordinary champion of health care for all people.  

     Denise has devoted her career to working with and for medically underserved people and the programs designed to meet their needs. For sixteen years, she was the Executive Director of the Colorado Rural Health Center, a statewide organization.  During her tenure, the Center grew from a one person operation to a staff of twelve, and from an annual budget of just over $38,000 to over $4 million.  Under her leadership, the Colorado Rural Health Center earned a national reputation as one of the strongest, most innovative offices in the country.

     Since leaving that position, Denise has been an independent contractor providing staffing, support services, and technical assistance to statewide and national membership associations, private foundations, government agencies (local, state and federal), nonprofit organizations, health organizations and community groups.  Her recent contracts have involved project and program development, community outreach and engagement, group facilitation, strategic planning, coalition building, health care workforce recruitment and retention, program evaluation, board training and development, nonprofit management, and community needs assessments.

     Denise began her career in health care with the School of Medicine at the University of Utah shortly after earning a Master's of Science Degree in Human Resource Management from the same university.  Her responsibilities included working with medical students to encourage interest in primary care specialties. From there she moved to the Utah Department of Health where she worked as a Field Coordinator with the Bureau of Local and Rural Health.  Two years as a Primary Care Programs Coordinator with the Rural Health Office at the University of Arizona followed.

     In 1991, Denise was recruited to Colorado to create the first State Office of Rural Health in the country organized as a nonprofit entity -- the Colorado Rural Health Center. 

     She has served on numerous state and national boards concerned with health care and underserved populations.   Denise has received numerous awards, including being named Champion in Health Care - Innovation by the Denver Business Journal in 2006 and receiving the Legendary Leader Award from the Colorado Community Resource Center the same year.

     While she is not now an Aurora resident, Denise lived in our city for about half of the twenty-five years she has been in Colorado. She is familiar with the health needs of our diverse populations and is looking forward to working with AHA in our efforts to ensure access to affordable health care for all Aurora residents.

     It is easy to see why AHA Board members are so pleased to have attracted an Executive Director of Denise's caliber.



Rich McLean, Chair

Aurora Health Access 









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