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February 7 is Give Kids A Smile Day at the CU School of Dental Medicine.  

Aurora Community College Lowry Campus West Quad Bldg 903, 710 Alton Way, Bergren Room from 11-2 February 13 and Town Center of Aurora (Aurora Mall) from 10-2 on February 15.
Navigators will assist families in the enrollment process. For information, contact the Fields Foundation at 303.363.9190.   

2040 Partners for Health's Fifth Annual Community Health Summit is Feb. 22nd
Dr. Jack Westfall, Chief Medical Officer for the Colorado Health Insurance Cooperative, will speak in Aurora on February 26. 
 Join Together Colorado for Health Equity Learning Series Luncheon on Wednesday, February 26, 11:30 to 1:00, Aurora Resilience Center, 1298 Peoria. Lunch provided. For more info contact Eliana@togetherco.org.
Speak Up for Kids at the State Capitol on March 13th! 

Kaiser Permanente introduced its Colorado Bridge program in January 2014. It's for people making 300% or less of FPL, under age 35 who don't have access to other insurance options.  

University of Colorado's Community Partnership is recruiting a Communications and Outreach Specialist and a Community Connector.  

Arapahoe County Early Childhood Council (ACECC) is seeking a Community Wellness Coordinator.  


The March 31 deadline for enrolling families in health insurance under the Affordable Care Act is fast approaching.




The highlight of the Aurora Health Access quarterly meeting in mid-January featured a facilitated brainstorming session on how to reach and enroll Aurora residents before the deadline. Close to 50 of you participated, and it was great to hear from you.  The old saying "None of us is as smart as all of us" is certainly true. Recognizing the barriers was easier than identifying strategies for overcoming obstacles, but we persevered. 


The loud and clear message was that each of us has an important role to play in ensuring that all eligible residents of our community have health care coverage.  Here are some of the identified strategies for doing so:

  • Tell Jesse Lopez of the Aurora Coverage Assistance Network about any and all upcoming events providing enrollment outreach opportunities.  Each of us was charged with letting Jesse know about three events.
  • Ask your enrolled clients to invite uninsured friends and neighbors to a group enrollment party with child care and activities to engage the kids, food, a TV set or two and a pleasant environment. 
  • Create interest at one of the popular bus stops along Colfax by setting up an impromptu enrollment site (a card table, a few folding chairs and maybe a pop-up tent).  Jesse will arrange for health care guides to be there with laptops in order to assist folks with the enrollment process.
  • Active in a church or other organization?  Help to arrange an onsite enrollment time.
  • Be creative!  Call 303.617.2328 today and let Jesse know what you are willing to do to help families obtain health insurance coverage before the March 31 deadline. 
Thank you!



Rich McLean, Chair

Aurora Health Access 


PS:  Congrats to Jennifer Herrera, the new Executive Director of The Aurora Human Rights Center. 





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