St. Joseph County Client

Aunt Kay is a lively 96 year old who has lived a fulfilling life, always putting others before herself. 


"REAL Services has made me 

feel very blessed!"


Sausage and Legislation

During a recent meeting of REAL Services' Board of Directors several members commented on a quote by Otto Von Bismarck  "There are two things that you don't want to see being made.



Elkhart County Client

At 93 years old, Mildred has a sharp personality and a witty sense of humor that will keep you on your toes. Living with her daughter Nadine, an interview with both Mildred and Nadine illustrated their unbreakable bond and countless memories they have together. 


La Porte County Client

Lori wears a necklace given to her by a friend that reads, 'she thought her world was ending and then she turned into a butterfly.' "That's me," Lori confirms. She compares herself to a butterfly frequently due to the major transformation that has taken place over the past five years.  


Kosciusko County Client


"This is where I run my life," Bonnie expresses as she stretches her arms out in motion to her whole apartment. Living by herself in a comfortable one-room independent living apartment, Bonnie declares how thankful she is to be living there on her own and with frequent visits from her family.

Marshall County Client
Sandy suffered from a massive stroke six years ago that impaired the left side of her body.  She often finds herself thinking about how thankful she is for REAL Services. "I'd be totally lost without her," Sandy expresses when speaking about her case manager, Allison. 


Amy Adams:
Caregiver of the Year


Amy Adams, from LaPorte County, was awarded Caregiver of the Year for a Disabled Person at the 2014 Age of Excellence Luncheon. This acclaimed award is given to an unpaid caregiver who provides compassionate care to a family member or a friend who is less than 60 years of age.



 Winner of the REAL Room Makeover

A Granger couple wins a $25,000 REAL Room Makeover Raffle. The 2014 raffle fundraiser grossed a record-breaking $93,150 for the Meals On Wheels program of REAL Services.  The sixth annual raffle is set to kick off again in May of 2015. Don't miss your chance to be our next big winner!


St. Joseph High School:

Volunteer Group

of the Year Award

The Volunteer Group of the Year Award was given to St. Joseph High School.  The qualification to be nominated for this award was a group that displayed an astounding amount of dedication and commitment to volunteerism in service to the elderly.



Dr. Robert Abel:
Hoosier Lifetime Award

At the 2014 Age of Excellence awards ceremony, Dr. Robert Abel of Elkhart County received the distinguished Hoosier Lifetime Award. This award recognizes an outstanding Hoosier who has demonstrated extraordinary service to his or her community.