"She is the kind of person that will

brighten your day after a simple conversation with her."  That is how

a REAL Services case worker described Helen, who is 92 years old.  Prior to entering the REAL Services Guardianship Program, Helen was living in a nursing home. While she was well cared for, she desperately wanted to go home.




Caregiving - I don't presume to be an expert.  But, after working for 28 years in programs and services with our older generations, I have learned a few things.  First and foremost - all of us can expect to feel the impact of this experience called "care giving".  Secondly - and of more importance, Northern Indiana does have caregiving experts that are knowledgeable, discreet, caring, non-biased, and accessible.


Elkhart County Resident



"I wouldn't want to live anywhere else!"  85 year old Eula has lived in her house in Elkhart since 1970, and she raised her two sons there.  She sits at her dining room table, her face beaming as she talks about how her sons visit her every day in that house where they grew up.  In years past, Eula cleaned houses for a living, but today she has trouble even moving around her own home.


La Porte County Resident



At 103 years old, Michigan City resident Mattie is surprisingly spry and has a great sense of humor.  When asked how she is today, she exclaimed, "Today's a good day."  Then, with a twinkle in her eye, she said, "Every day is good as long as you are here to enjoy it!"  And Mattie does enjoy every day. She even went to Washington, DC to attend President Obama's Inaugural Ball in 2008.


Kosciusko County Resident



"I don't know what we would do without Christy!" That is what Linda said about Christy Nine, who works at REAL Services in Warsaw.  Linda's husband Vaughn, age 73, has been a client of REAL Services for the past 5 years.

Vaughn and Linda have been married for 54 years.  Their love story began when they were 16 and first met at a Friday night "Sock Hop."  A few years later, they married and have since raised six children in Kosciusko County.


Marshall County Residents



"We come for the company," Latham and Jim said almost in unison when asked why they come to the REAL Services Nutrition Center in Culver.  Then Latham added with a sly smile, "Someone to talk to and talk about."  

These fascinating men are long-time residents of Marshall County. They enjoy each other's company over a nutritious meal, swapping stories, remembering the past, and enjoying the present. 


The Heart and Hands

of REAL Services



Since its beginning, REAL Services has been reaching out to serve the elderly, disabled, and low-income residents in our community.  It is a team effort!  There is no way our staff can meet the needs of 30,000 people each year alone.  Instead, we rely on volunteers in the same way that other people rely on REAL Services.  The secret to our success is the hundreds of generous people who donate their time and talents to make a difference in the life of a senior.


 And the Winner Is...
"Well, that's nice."  That was the response of Janice Conlon, winner

of the Grand Prize in the 2013 REAL Room Makeover, when she was informed that she had won.  The

caller thought perhaps she had not understood the message, so he responded, "Aren't you excited!" 

Janice responded, "Well, I could scream if you want me to." That is

just Janice's style... easy going

and with a sense of humor.