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Real Estate Revelations
This correspondence, and everything associated with it, is intended for active licensed real estate agents within my service area.  Basically,  the Piedmont Triad of North Carolina,  an approximate 50 mile radius of Winston-Salem. Others feel free to enjoy knowing the offers made do not apply to you.
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I have intended to do this for a long time. I may have worked with you and your clients in the past or simply thought this might be of interest to you. I don't intend for this to be all about home inspections. This will be about YOU and YOUR work in real estate providing helpful information, assisting you in your business, as well as a little fun. This first edition is a sampling of future content. The topics may vary each month. This will be good for your business saving both you and your clients BIG BUCKS! I promise, this will not be boring! Consider giving it a chance. What do you have to loose? What may you gain? How about we start this off with a drawing for $1,000.00? On the last day of 2014 I will draw from all active Realtors in my service area who have both signed up for this newsletter (click on the "Join Mailing List" button below my photo) and signed up to be a RecallTrak registered agent (see the details below). You could be the lucky winner this year. 
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My Perspective
Multimillion dollar commercial transactions to little tiny houses, I have rubbed shoulders with local legends. Over 800 Realtors from every walk of life running the gamut of appearance, attitude, style, dress, social skills, cars they drive and the way they handle their business. I have watched what makes a successful agent, why most are mediocre and why so many fail.
What's in it for ME?
How about FREE constant contact type e-mail marketing for life for all of our mutual clients and a chance to win $1,000.00
When I do a RecallChek for your clients as part of their home inspection those clients get a newsletter every month for life called RecallTrak. This is part of keeping them informed about potential recalls on appliances and equipment in their homes. Do you think they might desire to keep it coming? It includes an article dealing with owning a home and a Maintenance Minute article from me. If you desire you can even add your own article. When you sign up to participate your photo, company logo and contact information is at the top of the page. To your client it appears this comes from YOU! Click on the logo above or checkout the coupon at the bottom of this page to watch a video with more detail and have an opportunity to become a RecallTrak registered agent. The rest is automatic for every. 
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How do I KNOW?
How do you know it's a Heat Pump? Verifying a home has a heat pump system is not difficult. There is NO reason you should get this wrong in MLS! Go to the thermostat and turn it to heat and at least 10 degrees higher than the temperature in the home. Open a window near or go outside and check the compressor unit. If it is running, it's a heat pump. The thermostat will have an emergency heat setting. Nothing, other than a heat pump, has this setting or has the compressor operate in the heat mode. Don't take the sellers word, VERIFY
What does it take?
What have I learned about successful agents. Let me share two recent stories.

home-owners-sm.jpgAgent number one has spent a great deal of time working with a client in the $500,000 range and made an offer which is falling apart. She happens to drive by a FSBO and sees their car at the home. She freaks out and calls the person who referred the client berating her about them cutting her out of the deal. She is told it's best not to say anything to the clients because they will  do the right thing and include her. But, if she calls them they will be upset. She can't stand it, doesn't pay attention, and calls the wife, reminding her that she shouldn't be cut out of the FSBO deal. The husband is major exasperated by her actions. However, he does include her in the FSBO because of their agency agreement. Chance of her assisting them on their next purchase, slim to none. Chance of the referee sending her future business, not good. 

Agent number two has worked with a client in the $350,000 range and actually made three offers which they have backed out on. The client purchases a FSBO and ignores the agent and their agency agreement. She is left out in the cold but chooses to take no action. She constantly runs into the clients and their family all around town and is cordial. One year later she gets a call that they are dissatisfied with their house want to put it on the market and buy another. She makes that work and gets the listing. Chance of her assisting them on their next purchase, very likely. 

Do things like this happen often? Not likely. That isn't the point. The point is that the first agent was thinking about herself and the second agent her client. Love is about caring more for someone else than you care for yourself. The first rule of a successful agent is that the client comes first. This is not about you! Around the clock seven days a week you MUST put the client first. Every client is a potential past and future client. Their referrals and future business is what will drive your success. Loose their relationship and you have lost your future. Don't burn your bridges.
The Inspector is Coming
You need to prepare your seller for the arrival of the home inspector. From personal experience I suggest that you begin where not to leave their bras. Here are a few suggestions where I would prefer not to run into them: Hanging from the shower head, shower rod, towel bar, door knob (including front entry door), back of the door in any closet or room, chest of drawer, head board, across the back of chair (including in the kitchen), basement drying rack or clothes line, back porch, utility room or in multitudes scattered over the teenagers floor with matching panties. (True, ALL found on my home inspections!) Make sure that your seller knows that their potential buyer typically follows me around their home sometimes for hours. It's best to try to make a good impression and not leave your underthings scattered about. 
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Other topics which will be in future newsletters:
  • Why did you put that in the report?
  • Fun from the field
  • Just a little bit techie
  • You saw what? 
Most of the topics above are clear, two I will comment on. 

Just a little bit techie
- Help with technical issues having  to do with the computers, tablets, smart phones, internet, e-mail and social media. I am a whole lot techie and you might be surprised what I can help with.

You saw what?
- Will be about strange, unusual as well has hazardous things I experience as I conduct inspections. 

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