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"Releasing: Our Fourth JOI 


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Illuman is an independent, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization whose vision is to see men transforming men and, through them, families and communities for generations to come.  Our mission is to engage those seeking a life-long journey of spiritual transformation.


In this issue learn more about:  
  1. Are You Living a "Normal" Life?
  2. Fr. Richard Rohr on Super Soul Sunday

  3. Save the Date for Soularize 2015

  4. Upcoming Men's Rites of Passage for 2015

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one1.  Are You Living a "Normal" Life?


Last November, my acupuncturist bluntly stated, "The way you are living is not normal." It stung, and not just because he was sticking needles in me at the time! The truth is, I spent last year in a fog of being "too busy." 

Since then, I've been immersed in a conversation with myself about what constitutes a "normal" life. I've been asking myself: Why? Why do I do this to myself? Why have I succumbed to living as a human "doing" when I really want to be a human being? 

I know I'm not alone. I hear it from my clients and from my brothers in Illuman. In our so-called "advanced" world, we have created a way of living where we are all too busy. Too busy for sitting and listening. Too busy to create and nourish community. Too busy to just be. 

And this appears to be worse if you have kids! I hear my friends who have kids tell me that they are run ragged trying to manage their kids' schedules. It would appear that we are raising really busy kids too. 

We've not been helped by technology. What is supposed to make our lives easier and simpler is, in fact, demanding more and more of our attention. Emails, social media, breaking news; they all battle for our attention. And we now have a new condition for those who can't disconnect: FOMO (the Fear of Missing Out). People experience anxiety because they are afraid of missing something, and thus they constantly have to check their digital device. 

Who isn't overwhelmed with a daily avalanche of email? I have clients who come home from work, have dinner, and then go back to work, fighting a never-ending battle with the ever-filling inbox. 

The unexamined life is not worth living, or so they say. With all of this "busyness," how do we stay grounded and connected? 

I know that lots of us crave a different relationship with technology, our work, our families, and our community. We want to be connected and grounded. This is precisely why we men need a path like the Journey of Illumination. At a very basic level, it challenges us to "show up" and be fully awake. It challenges us to both live differently and engage in a different way of "knowing." I know it challenges me to be centered, grounded, and genuinely connected. 

I know I'm a work in progress. I've made some significant changes in order to better manage my commitments, my travel, my use of technology, and my engagement with the world. I am also choosing to continue to grapple with the question: "Are you living a normal life?" I will keep you updated; this month I'm working on Centering.
two2. Fr. Richard Rohr on Super Soul Sunday


Fr. Richard Rohr, founder of the Men as Learners and Elders program (M.A.L.Es), has been interviewed by Oprah Winfrey for Super Soul Sunday and the episode will air on February 8th on the OWN network.  We are excited to watch Fr. Richard with Oprah.


Save the Date for Soularize 2015


We had a wonderful Soularize Gathering of over 175 attendees at the Hyatt Tamaya Resort from November 5-7, 2014. We will once again be gathering at the Hyatt Tamaya Resort from November 6-8, 2015.  Please save the date as more information is forthcoming.

four4.   Upcoming Men's Rites of Passage for 2015


Illuman Chapters and Regions will be holding the following Men's Rites of Passage in 2015. For more information, please visit: www.illuman.org/events.



April 22-26, 2015 Harper's Ferry, West Virginia

June 3-7, 2015, Dromantine, Newry, Ireland

June 24-28, 2015, Sandstone, Minnesota

July 8-12, 2015, Perth, Scotland, UK

August 12-16, 2015, Camp Tamarack, California

August 18-22, 2015 Queensland, Australia

September 2-6, 2015, Nordbayern, Germany


Fr. Richard Rohr
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