Issue 18 - DECEMBER 2014 

Shelter Works Composite Fiberglass Buildings

Meet FAA Frangibility Requirements

During a routine facilities check, the United States Air Force

Easy installation next to an airforce base runway.

discovered a few of its steel equipment buildings did not meet the frangibility requirements outlined for all airport equipment shelters on one of its bases, so they called on Shelter Works to come up with a frangible building that would meet all the necessary codes.


In this particular case, there were several competing specifications that had to be met. The trickiest, most stringent requirements were: 

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At Shelter Works, our composite equipment shelters are engineered specifically to meet the rigid requirements of industrial applications. They are manufactured using the same composite materials used to produce today's advanced marine craft, transportation equipment and aircraft.  One of the key components of our manufacturing process is the outer layer of protective gel coat. It's better than paint because:


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That's how Scot Lauth describes his new job as Logistics Coordinator for Shelter Works. Scot has been hired to handle all logistical matters in transporting customers' fiberglass buildings to their final destination. This includes negotiating with transportation companies, working with on-site contractors to set up, confirm and monitor delivery of the building to the job site, and most importantly, communicating with the customers. Once a purchase order has been signed, Lauth is the main liaison between the manufacturing team and the customer, working as an advocate for the customer for 100% satisfaction on final delivery. 

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