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Issue 16.1 (Revised)  - October 2014 

If you've filled out a Shelter Works Request for Quote form you may have noticed that one of the questions under our electrical options asks if your project is "Explosion Proof".  Explosion Proof is a term used when describing protection techniques applied when designing products used in locations that have been classified as hazardous. These protections are put in place to prevent an internal spark or explosion from causing a much larger blast.

Not all hazardous environments are the same. For this reason, the National Electrical Code (NECŪ) has set up a classification system to help you understand the differences between hazardous environments.  In this classification system there are three Classes.  The Classes indicate what type of ignition source may be present.

Class I:  Gas & Vapor

Class II:  Dust

Class III:  Fibers & Filings

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Three Sided Shelter
We recently completed a project for Descco, a design and construction company in Fleetwood, PA, where we made a shelter to house equipment that would upgrade and expand the capabilities of an existing pump station. The goal of the project was to keep the pump station operational during the upgrade. By adding a complementary three sided building, Descco avoided interruptions in service that would have occured if they had replaced the building entirely or relocated existing pumps and machinery. 

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Steve Switzer  
As our business continues to grow and evolve, we are constantly evaluating how we support our customers, manufacturer representatives, and engineers. Each industry we serve brings its own set of unique challenges and opportunities. In order to better serve the Natural Gas Industry, Shelter Works is pleased to announce that Steve Switzer - Business Development Manager, will be focused on leading our efforts in Natural Gas. He will have the responsibility of working with our clients, engineers, and manufacturer representatives to insure that we continue to provide the highest level of service and engineered-to-order shelter solutions to this key industry.

Steve Switzer has over 20 years of experience providing shelter solutions to various industries, including Natural Gas, Oil & Gas, Telecommunications and Transportation. His depth of knowledge and understanding of our products, processes and the Natural Gas applications will give Shelter Works greater ability to meet the needs of that industry. He is looking forward to working with and getting know all of Natural Gas related customers as well to building new relationships.

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