Issue 12- November /  December 2013 

Are your specifications outdated?  Maybe it's time to take them out of the closet and brush them off.  A lot of times we see bid specs list terms that are no longer relevant, ambiguous or have been deemed misleading or deceptive.  In some instances you may be increasing the cost of your project by having outdated, incorrect or limiting terminology. 


A common reoccurring error we see in specifications is the use of the term "Self Extinguishing" in sections describing insulation.  
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Town of Olla Fiberglass Shelter

In December of 2013 the Town of Olla, Louisiana broke ground on a recreational complex that is part of LaSalle Parish's "Live Lively LaSalle" fitness project, a Parish wide effort to combat obesity.  They are in the process of expanding a walking trail, building a basketball court with bathroom facility, adding exercise stations and a farmers' market.

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We recently celebrated John Miller's 

5 Year Anniversary as Operations Manager with Shelter Works.
Shelter Works recently celebrated John Miller's fifth anniversary as Operations Manager, and more recently his promotion to Director of Sales and Operations. Prior to coming to work for Shelter Works John served as an independent business consultant for Shelter Works. Since joining Shelter Works, John has been able to draw on his considerable background in management and LEAN Manufacturing methods to allow Shelter Works to deliver the highest quality products to our end users. John's leadership is invaluable and his contribution to the company immeasurable.

Congratulations John!
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