Issue 13- March 2014 

Custom Designed for Extreme Temperatures


Did you know that our shelters are being used by the telecommunications industry? As a matter of fact, we are in the process of finishing some custom fiberglass buildings to be used as microwave repeater stations just south of the Arctic Circle. They will be heading to a remote region of Ontario, Canada just off of James Bay, between the Albany and Moose Rivers. The area is so off the beaten path it doesn't even have an official name. In order to find it on a map you have to use it's latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates. James Bay Canada Dec. 25, 2010
December in James Bay, 2010.

Given the extreme temperatures and harsh environment our customer chose fiberglass over metal because our fiberglass buildings are:  


Stronger: Composite materials have the highest strength to weight ratio.  

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Blowing Off Steam

The one  element of customization required by every fiberglass shelter we manufacture is ventilation. Ventilation improves interior air quality by introducing outside air and keeping the air within the shelter moving.


Ventilation Helps to Prevent

  • Interior Air Stagnation
  • Unpleasant Smells
  • Excessive Moisture
  • Dangerous Gas Build-Up


  • Controlling Temperature
  • Replenishing Oxygen
  • Removing Moisture
  • Introducing Clean Air
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Roof Covering Fire Protection Compliance

The Freedom Series fiberglass buildings from Shelter Works offer roof coatings that are ULC S107 Class C and ASTM E108 Compliant.  What exactly does this mean?
It means that some of the gel coats we offer are:
  • Certified compliant in standard testing against light fire exposures and are not readily flammable.
  • They afford a measurable degree of fire protection to the roof deck.
  • They do not slip from position and are not expected to produce firebrands, flying burning materials that continue to flame or glow after they have reached the floor.
This certification may be required in projects where the environment has the potential for fire hazard.  Rest assured that these gel coats have been tried, tested and certified. 
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