Issue 8 - March/April 2013 
Prefabricated Fiberglass Building
Holds Up in Ice Storm

Fayetteville ARIn addition to large pumping stations, there are many small pump houses that protect critical field equipment used in Fayetteville, Arkansas.
One particular building protects a jet pump on a pneumatic tank at the bottom of the hill that allows water to flow to houses in a rural area of town.


During a large ice storm in 2010, a tree fell on the structure and damaged an antenna attached to the building. However, the structure itself didn't have a dent in it. "As you can see, the building fared very well," said Aaron Watkins, Pump and Tank Technician for the City of Fayetteville. In addition, because the building had vents, city workers were able to put a generator into the structure so that water could continue to flow despite the power outage. For the municipal employees of the City of Fayetteville, the challenge was to keep citizens supplied with basic needs during this time of crisis. "Even though many areas were without power for several weeks, no one went without water during that whole time," he explained. 

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Why is Gel Coat Better Than Paint?

Polymer Chain"There's a lot of science that has gone into the composite materials we use in our buildings," explains John Miller, Director of Sales and Operations for Shelter Works, during a recent meeting with sales representatives in California.  "Our buildings are manufactured using the same composite materials used to produce today's advanced marine craft, transportation equipment and aircraftThe materials have been formulated and tested for use in the harshest conditions. A Shelter Works building is constructed with fiberglass materials that include an outer layer of protective gel coat in any color desired."


Shelter Works uses gel coats that provide three basic benefits: 

  • Protective barrier that increases the life of the building by decades
  • Aesthetic appeal (they look good for the life of the building)
  • Long-lasting, maintenance-free performance

On wood or steel structures used by competitors, paint or powder-coating is applied to the surface and provides a protective coating. This coating "sticks" to the surface for a while but  . . .Continue Reading

Graffiti-Free Buildings With Shelter Works

Graffiti-Free BuildingsWhile many believe graffiti to be an "art form" that dates back thousands of years, many others see it as an inevitable nuisance that must be dealt with. Our customers are eager for easy solutions to eliminate the illicit artwork spray-painted onto buildings throughout their cities.


After installation, many of our clients who are responsible for the on-going maintenance of the fiberglass buildings discover graffiti on the sides of their structures over the years. Shelter Works buildings are made with a polymer gel coat that resists graffiti and makes clean-up super easy.Continue Reading

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