Issue 7 - February 2013 
Prefabricated Fiberglass Building
Customized to Meet The Customer's Need
Prefabricated FiberglassQuestion: How do you protect ultrasonic and coriolis meter runs as well as flow control valves and instrumentation from severe winter weather and allow for regular inspections of the equipment without disturbing the pipes that run throughout the wilds of Montana?
Answer: Knockout Panels
All of the Shelter Works buildings are custom-made,
so every day we design buildings with customized knockout panels, bulkheads, or other special formed openings to meet the specific requirements of our customers.
PTS Fabrication manufactures pipeline equipment for the natural gas and liquid petroleum industries, including measurement, regulation, filtration, flow control, testing and analysis. We spoke with Matthew Fessenden, General Manager of PTS Fabrication, to ask why he uses Shelter Works buildings for his projects: "Shelter Works provides the perfect solution ...
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Adding Steve Switzer Gives Shelter Works More Expertise in Telecom, Railroad & Utilities Industries

Steve SwitzerShelter Works welcomes Business Development Manager Steve Switzer as the newest member of the sales team. Switzer will be sharing Shelter Works offerings with clients in the telecommunications, railroad and utilities industries. He brings over 20 years of experience in these industries, having worked his way up to Vice President of Precision Quincy. He has designed equipment protection buildings for such clients as Union Pacific Railroad, Norfolk Southern, AT&T Wireless, Sprint-Nextel, Great River Energy and Mid-America Energy.  In the utility industry, he developed equipment shelters for electrical and gas applications, as well as alternative energy applications.


Shelter Works President Tracy Switzer said, "We're so pleased to have Steve join the team. I've known him forever, and we actually worked together years ago selling first fiberglass boats and later, industrial FRP buildings.  His knowledge of . . .

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Shelter Works Adds to the Fiberglass Equipment Protection Team
Stephen SalomonDania ImlerIf you call the offices of Shelter Works, you're likely to hear some new voices. Shelter Works welcomes newly-named Project Manager Dania Imler and Operations Associate Stephen Salomon to the team. Prior to coming to Shelter Works, Dania worked as a procurement manager, project manager and contract administrator for a variety of construction and engineering firms in California. In her new role, Dania will work  with clients to ensure that all the details of the project are thoroughly worked out. She will coordinate Submittal Drawings, work through third-party approval processes, shepherd the state labeling approval process, and oversee the smooth delivery of a finished product.
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