Issue 6 - January 2013 
Fiberglass Building Installed in the Redwood Forest
Redwood ForestBecause of our high-quality construction, Shelter Works is setting the standard for critical equipment protection to the California Department of Parks and Recreation. 
Hasmet Celik, from Celik Engineering Corporation, had to overcome a host a construction challenges in protecting the potable water treatment equipment in the very popular Williams Grove Day Use Are of Humboldt Redwoods State Park which is located 225 miles north of San Francisco.


The 1960's-era shanty that was previously protecting the equipment was deteriorating, and the engineers in charge were looking for a more secure solution.  "The area gets a great deal of traffic, both from people and from mountain lions, deer and other wildlife," Celik explained.

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All Aboard! Customized Fiberglass Building Increases Safety!

Railroad ShelterAnyone who's been near railroad tracks knows that sometimes, equipment needs to be squeezed into tight spaces. With trains coming and going all the time, safety is a top priority.

Union Pacific needed a customized fiberglass building to protect a hot water tank and store cleaning supplies. The structure needed to sit adjacent to the rail track right at the entrance to one of their yards. The wooden building they had was not performing up to par; the structure was deteriorating (rotting due to the severe weather). Normally, their internal Structures Department would be called in to build a new structure, but circumstances required that they go outside for this shelter. 

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Shelter Works Home PageWe're excited to announce that we've revamped our website to include more information about our product options, our processes and the types of solutions we provide. You can search for past success stories (which we also feature in this newsletter) and find out more about our company.

We will continue to add new content, so come back often! If there is any particular information that you would like to see housed on our website that would be helpful to you, please let us know.

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