Issue 6 - December 2012 
Shelter Works Acts as Critical Partner in Protecting Our Nation's Infrastructure

Protective SheltersThe tragic events of September 11, 2001 changed America permanently, impacting how we approach security measures and how we view our nation's infrastructure.  Shelter Works has always been in the business of protecting our nation's critical field equipment, but that took on renewed meaning after the attacks of 9/11.


With the American Water Works Association's standards being revised to accommodate Homeland Security requirements, Mike Mulder, Maintenance Supervisor for East Lansing-Meridian Water and Sewer Authority, was charged with proactively reviewing the security and ensuring the protection of its wells in the East Lansing area.  Mike explained, "We considered several metal and fiberglass building options but determined that Shelter Works would provide the best answers to our needs.  It was the most practical solution for us.  It had all the options we were looking for and looked the nicest."


They needed a tricky combination of 'high-tech' and 'low-tech' options ...

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What Color Would You Like?

Red Shelter Because every fiberglass building we make is custom-made to our  customer's exact specifications, we can produce our buildings in any color in the rainbow and just about any pattern desired.  Our standard colors of Storm Gray, Meadow Green, Desert Sand or Polar White work well for most of our client's needs.  But many desire something a little bit different.



Green Shelter



The reasons our clients specify certain colors are as varied as the colors themselves.


Click here to see all the wacky colors we've used for our clients!  


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