Issue 5 - November 2012 
"I Need A Fiberglass Building I Can Crush"


Airports have some very stringent requirements for their field equipment protection needs, and one of our clients, John Myers at BAE Systems, made such a request for a project he was working on.  In order to house part of a radar system in a California airfield, he needed a "frangible" building.  A frangible building is one that is easily broken apart.  Experts feel that this requirement increases the overall safety of the airfield, because if an airplane crashed into it, it is better to have the building crush instead of the aircraft.  Materials such as concrete or metal are therefore deemed as unacceptable.  While wood construction would work, the maintenance costs are significantly higher than a fiberglass shelter.


Myers needed a sturdy, secure building that could repeatedly withstand the forces of a jet wash that would still crumble (or disintegrate) ... 

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Customized Field Equipment Protection At High Elevations

High Elevation

High up in the Rocky Mountain range, our fiberglass shelters are hard at work, protecting our clients' field equipment from the harsh elements throughout the winter months. 


Randy Kenyon, Professional Engineer for CGRS, Inc. explains, "This shelter was installed in a high elevation area (above 6000 ft), so the structure had to withstand really low temperatures and heavy snow loads.  It protects some control valves and water piping that needed to be accessible on the sides.  Installation was easy; it fit exactly as promised." 


Aside from the sizing of the structure, the shelter was customized in two different ways:

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Barbara Switzer

Barbara Switzer, co-founder, owner and CFO of Shelter Works, passed away at the end of October. Barb was a guiding force for the company. We are deeply grateful for her impeccable commitment to continual growth and improvement of not only her company, but her employees as well. Her leadership and guidance will be dearly missed. And, her influence will continue to shape the future of Shelter Works as we continue to march toward the same excellence Barbara embraced wholeheartedly. In accordance with Barb's wishes, there will be no memorial service held.

Happy Thanksgiving Happy Thanksgiving!
Shelter Works is so grateful for all the people they have the privilege of working with, from clients who bring interesting challenges to reps who showcase our offerings to their best clients, to suppliers that partner with us, to the group of employees that provide the best field equipment protection for our clients! 
We wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving; may you have as much to be grateful for as we do!


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